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Roast Beef Sandwich - A More Advanced Sandwich Recipe

Updated on March 26, 2010

People who love a great meal will appreciate a sandwich made of the best ingredients and the best recipes used.

Sandwiches have been rather popular since the late 18th century but eating other dishes with bread has been a common practice since the first loaf of bread was ever baked. The first sandwiches are named after the Earl of Sandwich and has nothing to do with Lord Sandwich as some people mistakenly assume.

The first variation was just two slices of bread and a piece of meat in between them. This allowed for the meat to be consumed without getting the fingers all greasy. It made eating next to work possible and while it is not something I advocate, it definitely saves some time for those who don't have much.

Roast Beef Sandwich
Roast Beef Sandwich

Sandwiches can be made according to many recipes and there are millions of variations. The most common attribute all sandwiches have is that they are usually easy to make, quick to eat and taste good.

There are open face sandwiches that may be even referenced to as a half sandwich. Roast beef sandwiches are often served this way, but the recipe I'd like to share today involves two slices and some other ingredients than just a piece of rump roast.

Get a boneless rump roast and store it in the freezer. Take it out one hour before cooking so that it can get to room temperature. When you are ready with it unwrap the package and prepare the meat. It's best to have an end cut with a little fat still on it. By slow roasting the meat it can be made tender but fine cut pieces may get too soft with this technique so try to avoid using those.

Make a few cuts with a sharp knife and put a pinch of garlic into them. Sprinkle the whole piece of meat with olive oil and preheat the oven to 370 F. Use a cooking grill and a dripping pan under it. By not placing the roast right on the pan you won't have to turn it around regularly as heat can effect it evenly.

Cook for about half an hour then lower the temperature to 225-230 F for an additional two to three hours. This lower temperature will allow the meat to cook evenly and results in nice cuts.

When it's done, let the meat cool for a while and cut to thin slices. Use these slices on rye bread and add light mayonnaise. I'd personally use normal mayonnaise. Slice horse radish on top of it and place a few red onion rings and a leaf of lettuce on top. You can use additional sauce the make the end result even better. A little plain yogurt or some kefir with basil and garlic on top of the lettuce will make the whole sandwich more juicy before you top it off with another thin slice of bread.

This sandwich takes quite a long time to make, but a 3 lbs piece of roast makes for quite a few roast beef sandwiches.

Photo used is taken by mroach


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    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 7 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      One of my favorite sandwiches. Thanks for following me!