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What to Put on the Sandwich Platter at a Party?

Updated on June 13, 2010

Sandwich has been one of the most important meals since its widespread popularity starting in the early 20th century.

The main reason of the popularity of sandwiches is their diversity and variability. There are sandwiches with chicken, turkey or beef but vegetarian sandwiches with onion and salad are just as delicious.

Virtually all events held for more than 5 people have a sandwich stand and it is important for those who prepare the sandwich platters to have an idea about what sandwiches are subject to popular interest.

One of the most popular creations, the chicken salad sandwich is a treat to all meat lovers with a taste for light meals.

It is made with leftover or canned chicken bits and is mixed with celery, some kind of a fat to keep the mixture together, mayonnaise for example, and cucumber.

There are dozens of variations, some add apples, some go with garlic, but all in all it is a filling but light spread for a dainty traditional sandwich platter.

Bacon and Egg Sandwich by Allerina & Glen MacLarty
Bacon and Egg Sandwich by Allerina & Glen MacLarty

Bacon sandwiches grab the quintessence of the dish. These are prepared in many different versions and none are less attracting than the other.

In the United Kingdom "bacon butties" are made with bacon and some kind of a sauce, often between buttered breads.

Tomato, eggs or certain vegetables are often used. Baked bean, mushroom or lettuce can be used. In North America a special variation called BLT is very popular. It has crispy bacon, lettuce and tomato and has been on menu in restaurants after the second world war.

One of the traditional English sandwiches served with the afternoon tea is the cucumber sandwich.

It can be safely consumed by vegetarians and still gives a nice sandwich. Ingredients are cucumber, finely sliced white bread, sea salt and coarsely ground pepper.

Cut the cucumber in length and remove the seeds with a spoon, then slice thinly. Lay the crescents on a clean kitchen towel and lightly salt them. Let them stay for ten minutes while you cut the bread.

Salt draws some moisture out of the slices, pat them with another towel and put them on a buttered bread and add some pepper. Cut the crusts and halve the sandwich diagonally.

It doesn't take catering skills to make the perfect sandwich platter. If you take advantage of the very nature of sandwiches, their diversity, you will be able to create a buffet everyone like and with a few simple recipes your guests will leave happy.

Photo used is taken by Allerina & Glen MacLarty


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