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Boca vs. Morning Star Soy Based Products

Updated on July 24, 2017

Soy Meat Alternatives Products Debate

For most of my life I've been basically a vegetarian "type" person, meaning there were occasions I ate meat. Being less and less satifisifed with the meat process and conditions in how they disposed of the creature led me to being a vegetarian, but not vegan (yet). I still eat some egg and cheese products, but it has also decreased.My choice of eating has caused me to do some research into products that I can eat. Finding foods that are great tasting without meat was pretty easy, but the vast selections weren't there.

So recently I decided to record some of my personal findings about two major meat alternatives that were soy based. The first product I ate along this line was several years ago called Boca Burgers. Later on I discovered another product, Morning Star, that I came to enjoy.

There is a great controversy over soy foods, but I'll let you be the judge over which you like best. When you're finished take a look at more recipes of my own also listed on this site.

All Photographs are by Favored1

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Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

Photo by Favored1

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Vegan & Vegetarian Cookbooks

In this selection of cookbooks I've chosen you will find a vast amount of information to fit your dietary needs, especially if you may be dealing with food allergies or health issues. There are a wide range of healthy recipes for both gluten-free and vegan living.

Boca Products

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

Boca Product Reviews - Sorry I couldn't find more suitable reviews for you, but these were the best of all I viewed. There are more, but they were not good qual

SOY Protein - Boca Veggie Burgers - Not just for Vegans

Boca Burger Taste Test Platinum Product

Boca Products

Endorsed by Weight Watchers

To be honest, I couldn't find as much information on Boca products as Morning Star, however both have websites that do offer recipes.Breakfast

Select from either Breakfast Links, or Patties made with Organic Soy for only 70 calories with 8 grams of protein.


Boca now has seven different burgers to choose from: All American Flame Grilled, Original Vegan in 2 sizes, Roasted Onion, Garden Vegetable, Roasted Garlic, and Cheeseburger. The protein range is from 12g to 19g per burger. All are cholesterol free, but vary in calories and fat (from 70-120 and .05-5g of fat).

For me this burger needs cheese or something. The burgers taste the same and are similar in calories except the flame grilled one is higher.


Just like their competitors, Boca has several kinds of chick'n products including patties, nuggets and buffalo wings. Calories run about 180-200 per serving and 7-9g of fat.


Crumblers are Boca burgers broken into small pieces that resemble ground meats. They are good for using in various recipes that call for this kind of product.


Boca is said to have these products; Dinner Sausages, Italian Sausage, Bratwurst, Lasagna and Chili dinners, but I have not found them on their website or any reviews for them. It could be that they are not for retail sale as they are used in restaurants.

What Boca products mainly have in common: vegetable and soy based, high protein, eggless, low fat, cholesterol free, microwavable and must be cooked. For me, that pretty much makes them all taste the same.

Overall, the cost of Boca products are about 70 cents lower than other brands when I compared prices at a local Walmart.

They have a large line of foods in the soy area, but not all are available for retail purchase. See list here:

Morning Star Products

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

Morning Star Products - My Review

I have eaten quite a few Morning Star products that have been made available in our supermarkets. Just like any food, each has good and bad qualities. What I do like about Morning Star over Boca is that their products have real flavor and are distinctively different in their use of herbs and vegetables for flavoring.Breakfast Foods

The sausage links are my favorite among the sausagess. They are 78% less fat than regular sausage and only 80 calories (3 grams of fat) for two links.

There are four types of sausage patties to try. I've only had the original. It is good, but a bit much for me so I cut them in half. For 80 calories and 3 grams of fat (76% less than real sauages patties) you get a pretty flavorful sausage.They taste good on a breakfast egg sandwich.

Choose from two egg and meat sandwiches; bacon or sausage. Sausage and egg biscuits are tasty and less fat than the bacon. The meat overpowers the egg and cheese, but it is good for a quick meal or even a mid-day snack. I wouldn't eat too many of them due to the calories.

Morning Star Bacon strips are about the best tasting of their products. This fake bacon is so good that even my husband now eats it instead of regular bacon. It has such a great taste and it can be used in so many recipes or sandwiches. Compare it to real bacon at 44% less fat (4.5 grams per serving) and only 60 calories for 2 strips. You'll make the switch too after tasting it.

Black Bean Burger Review

Spicy Black Bean Burger Review

Burger Products


Morning star burgers are around the same in calories, but they do taste better than Boca. The price varies, but this product is worth it.

This is where you have a greater selection among products, since they offer 12 kinds of burgers. I have only had a few, because they are not all available in my area. They are: Asian, Chipotle Black Bean, Garden Veggie, Quater Pound Grillers, California Turkey, Original Grillers, Grillers Prime, Grillers Vegan Prime, Mediterranean Chickpea, Mushroom, Spicy Black Bean, and the Tomato and Basil Pizza Burger (love to try this one),

My main meat is the Grillers Prime Burger. I used to eat the Original Burgers, but found that these have a much better taste than the others. This particular burger is 170 calories and 9 grams of fat (39% less than beef).


This is basically the meat patties broken or crumbled like you would have ground meats. They are good for casserole type dishes, tacos and chili. However, I didn't really care for them and prefer crumbling the regular burgers for my meals such as sloppy joes.

Three Bean Chili with Griller's Crumbles Review

Entrees & Meal Starters


These are new to me and I've never had them. The review for the Three Bean Chili with Crumblers was that it is very good, but a bit expensive at almost $5.00 per meal. There is also a new Lasagna with Crumblers entree now available in some areas.

Meal Starters

Morning Star has 5 meal starters. Choose from BBQ Riblets, Meatballs, Chik'n Strips, Vegan Chik'n Strips and Crumblers. You can find recipes for using each of these on their website.

Sesame Chik'n Review

Chik aka "Chicken" Products


If you are a chicken wings fan, these may be for you. I can't really tell you much about them never having eaten them, but they are only 200 calories per serving (what ever that is).

I have eaten both the "chicken" patties and nuggets. The patties are okay, but I really don't care for them as much. However, I do like the "chicken" nuggets. I like to eat them with spicy mustard, in salads or just plain. They come in a package of 12-14 nuggets. For an average meal I usually eat 3 or 4 of them.

Veggie Hot Dog & Corn Dogs

Veggie Dogs

I have not tried these yet, but the corn dogs have recently come to market. The reviews for the corn dogs are really good, as a matter of fact some say they are 5 star or even a 10. They come in two sizes, regular and mini corn dogs.

Now the veggie dogs are only 50 calories and are made to taste as if they have been grilled. I hope they get these in so I can try them. The current hot dogs and meat substitute I eat are the Yves Veggie Brand.

Morning Star Reviews - Not Vegan but vegetarian foods mostly

Grilers Prime Burger Review


Morning Star Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger Review for Expo

Morningstar Farm Chikn Patties review

Morningstar Farms Three-Bean Chili with Griller's Crumbles Video Review: Freezerburns

Morningstar Sausage, Egg Cheese Biscuit Video Review: Freezerburns (Ep443)

Some Comparison Findings

Chik'n vs Chik - Each contains 4 patties.

Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

Boca vs, Morning Star Chicken Products

Both Boca and Morning Star made a chicken alternative product simular to a breaded meat patty.Boca calls their product Chik'n Veggie Patties vs. Morning Star's Chik Patties. Products boast of being vegetarian, but only Boca is actually vegan using no egg or dairy in their foods.

Fat Content: Morning Star wins this round being 58% less fat over regular chicken patties, while Boca is 55%.

Equal stats for these alternative meals come in both being a cholesterol free item, a good source of protein and are about 140 calories each.

Photo by Favored1


Photo by favored1
Photo by favored1

Boca vs. Morning Star Selection of Products

Boca and Morning Star products are easy to prepare, but directions could be better on them. Boca does cater to the vegan community while Morning Star to the vegetarian folk.

Price wise, overall in my area Mornng Star ran about 70 cents more, but that isn't always the case. I do use coupons, and stock up when there is a sale on them.

Boca did have more products available to the consumer and more of a variety in meals.

Packaging is simular with basically the same amount of product in the box.

Photo by Favored1

My Veggie Burger Lunch Today

My Veggie Burger Lunch Today
My Veggie Burger Lunch Today


Better than Debate - There is an on going battle over "meatless" meats. Who is winning?

Which meatless burger is better tasting? This is what some are saying:

Morning Star - Better than Boca

JJNW 4 years ago from USA

I like Morning Star or Garden Burger better than Boca. It is the consistency that makes the difference for me.

MissMalaprop 4 years ago

I eat meat, but at home usually cook either veggie or seafood, because that's all my boyfriend eats. We prefer Morning Star for most things, and only get the other brands if the grocery store is sold out. We use the burger crumbles for spagetti, and sometimes burritos. We also like the chicken strips (also good in burritos!), as well as the burgers, especially the tomato-basil pizza burger and the black bean burgers!

Jack 4 years ago I like the Morning Star veg. burgers and chicken better.

BOCA IS BETTER. - No one made that claim.

Poll - Meatless Burgers

Which meatless burger would you say tastes better?

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Poll: Favorite?

After reading the review which product do you prefer?

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Gourmet Meatless Meals

Manna Soy is another line of alternative meat products that are all natural with no preservatives, MSG or hydrogenated oils. They come ready to eat and are made of high quality soy and spices.These products do not have any dairy, egg, wheat, sugar or gluten in them and are vegan. Choose from either beef or chicken meals.

Mamma Soy Meatless Chicken

Manna Soy Gourmet Meatless Chicken Shwarma, NON-GMO 4.5 Pound Family Pack, All Natural, Gluten Free, Shelf Stable Pre-cooked, Pre-seasoned, Dairy Free
Manna Soy Gourmet Meatless Chicken Shwarma, NON-GMO 4.5 Pound Family Pack, All Natural, Gluten Free, Shelf Stable Pre-cooked, Pre-seasoned, Dairy Free
You won't need to add seasonings to this mix, just cook it as you would any meat dish. Like all Manna Soy products, it is vegan.

Mamma Soy Meatless Beef

Manna Soy Gourmet Meatless Beef Goulash, Non-GMO, 4.4 Pound Family Pak, All Natural, Gluten Free, Shelf Stable, Pre-Cooked, Pre-Seasoned, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Sugar Free,- Even Kids Love It
Manna Soy Gourmet Meatless Beef Goulash, Non-GMO, 4.4 Pound Family Pak, All Natural, Gluten Free, Shelf Stable, Pre-Cooked, Pre-Seasoned, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Sugar Free,- Even Kids Love It
This is a four pound family package with all natural ingredients. It is a vegan, gluten free, dairy, egg & sugar free product. It does not contain MSG or hydrogenated oils. Comes pre-cooked and seasoned, Non-GMO, Kosher.

Thank you for your time. Hope you visit again soon!

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