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10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid The Technomancer

Updated on September 14, 2016

Welcome everyone to The Technomancer Review. This is the third and final part of the review. If you missed the first part (lore of the Technomancer) of this short Technomancer review on Hubpages, and the second part, ''10 reasons why you should play The Technomancer '' just click the links. In the first part you can read about the backstory / lore of the game and in the second part well...its self explanatory.

Now lets see '' 10 reasons why you should avoid The Technomancer ''.

1) Running Simulator

I don't remember the last I ran so much in a video game. I understand until the player explores an area some running needs to be done. But after that running to get to an already known destination is plainly a waste of time. I spent a lot of hours running back and forth various destinations in order to complete the quests. Running, running, running…..

2) Awful Voice Acting

Despite the fact the voice actors for the secondary characters did an outstanding job, the actors who voiced the primary characters, were uninterested, unmotivated, emotionless. The dialogues were completely plastic, making a player want to skip the cutscenes to save themselves from the work of amateurs.

3) Small World

Unfortunately the world of The Technomancer isnt very big. The existing areas are visited multiple times in order to complete the quests. Spiders Studios has a small development team, still I believe they could add a few more areas.

4) Devastating Sponges

Thats the term I invented in order to describe the enemies in the game. During combat the enemies deliver big amounts of damage with each blow and the player needs to hit every enemy multiple times to incapacitate him.

5) No Backstory

When I started the campaign I was feeling lost. Minimal information is given to the players during the intro cinematic. Other than that the players are forced to seek out information in order to understand what is going on in the game. But they dont assume the role of a baby having no experience at all. They assume the role of a fully grown man who lived on the planet for decades. He is supposed to know much more than the devs gave to the players.

6) Bad Loot System

One of the worst loot systems I have ever seen in a video game. The players are picking up from the field more materials than they actually need and more worthless equipment they need and could use. More advanced equipment is very very rare and be obtained in the late stages of the game.

7) Awful Endgame

Fighting a monster that it didn't even fit in the screen and giving to main antagonist a couple of battle minutes like he was a common soldier...that is what I call bad endgame.

8) No Crafting

There are crafting stations in the game but dont get fooled. Only some consumables can be crafted from raw materials. Everything else can only be upgraded with a variety of essential upgrades.

9) Sticky Environment

Moving too close to walls, crates. Nps I was getting stuck on them. Sometimes I was unable to move away from them and others I was able to move with some delay. Apart from the fact it was infuriating many times I got killed cause I couldn't evade the enemy blows.

10) Basic Character Creation

The character creation engine in The Technomancer only gives the bare minimum of controls. Changing a few hairstyles, skin colors and faces isnt enough to create a personalized character. The character creator it is there just to be there. So the devs can say it was included in the game.

I took the time and created a video out of this hub. It's an alternative way of enjoying this article. This video has been posted on my Youtube channel PsychosGamers . Enjoy !!!

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There you have it, 10 reasons why you should avoid The Technomancer. If you missed the previous two parts of this short review on Hubpages, The Technomancer lore and the '' 10 reasons why you should play The Technomancer '' then just click the links. Or you can read The Technomancer Review in all its glory at PsychosGamers. It's up to you. Have fun !!!

Thank you very much for visiting and spending your invaluable time reading my article. It would help me a great deal if you could share this article with people who would find it interesting.


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