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The Technomancer Review

Updated on September 14, 2016

Greetings and welcome everyone to The Technomancer review. I will divide this short review (short by my standards) into 3 parts. The back story / lore will be the first part. 10 reasons why you should play The Technomancer will be the second part. And the third and final part will be 10 reasons why you should avoid The Technomancer.

This way it will be easier to read it and less intimidating. Having to read a big chunk of text isnt very appetizing. Trust me on this one !!!

In The Technomancer we are taken in a terraformed and colonized planet Mars. With all the buzz on the media about the expeditions sent to planet Mars (in real life) it was a matter of time before the video games industry started making video games with that planet as a center piece.

Humans have made a reality what seemed impossible. They traveled the void of space, they colonized another planet and for 70 years through a number of challenges and hardships, they managed to survive and prosper. The creation of a new Earth seemed achievable.

Unfortunately a natural disaster of a solar system magnitude tilted the planet off its axis, left its orbit and it was moved closer to the sun. The destruction on the planet surface was inconceivable. The newly developed atmosphere of Mars couldn't protect the planet from the heat and radiation emitted from the star. Death feasted upon Mars. Most of the genetically modified plants and animals from Earth died in an instant. Those that didn't die, were horrifically mutated due to the radiation. They became feral, deadly, hunters.

Humans could never have predicted something like that. They were unprepared. Mountains of dead bodies pilled up everywhere. The infrastructure the colonists had developed had to be modified and adapted to the new reality. The survivors built domed cities in order to protect themselves from the destructive power of the sun. The mutations ravaged the remaining population. The were so many mutants that a whole new species was created.

Communications with Earth suddenly stopped. Not only that but composite materials stopped coming from Earth as well. That meant there were material shortages everywhere on the planet. Recycling, scavenging and repurposing was the only way to cover those shortages.

But the material shortages was the least of their worries. The food production facilities were destroyed during the turmoil. And even worse water became scarce as well. Corporations emerged from all this suffering and managed to take control of whole domed cities. Desperate to survive and finding themselves in need of many resources people turned on each other. Small violent incidents gradually escalated to full fledged wars. The Water Wars began, with the corporations at the head of each side. Death once again continued its morbid game. Humans were so desperate to survive thay completely forgot the value of life.

Since the survivors were cut off from Earth, apart from resources shortages there was also a shortage of new technologies. All technology and knowledge remnants from the colonization era were considered holy relics. They were gathered and safeguarded by a group of people who later they would be known as the Technomancers.

The Technomancers became something like religious orders on Mars. They had influence and power. Through mutations they were able to harness the power of lightning. Furthermore through vigorous training from a very early age they ve become masters of melee combat and they can fight with various weapons. The are the mage warriors of Mars. They are elite soldiers. Feared, respected, valued.

Fifty years have passed since the apocalyptic events that changed life on the planet forever. In those fifty years many changes have taken place. The players take the role of a young and promising Technomancer, named Zachariah. Zach comes from Ophir, one of the domed cities part of the Abundance corporation. Ophir offers protection from the devastating power of the sun but that comes with a price.

For decades the Water Wars plagued Mars. Abundance right now is fighting the Aurora Corporation and it doesnt doing very well. Apart from the misery the wars brought, there is a revolution going on, in Ophir. Oppression, manipulation, lies, slavery, prejudice are what someone could use to describe life in Ophir. Some citizens unable to withstand that kind of life decided to oppose the government. Zach as an elite soldier who is trained to follow orders must make many decisions based on his beliefs, facts and knowledge. And here is where the role playing part of the game comes in. During his journey Zack must take many decisions. Those decisions will have a major effect on the progression of the story and the world around him.

I took the time and created a video out of this hub. It's an alternative way of enjoying this article. This video has been posted on my Youtube channel PsychosGamers . Enjoy !!!

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Thats it for now. Of course there is so much more to learn about the lore of the game, but like I said in the beginning I will keep it short so you wont get bored. There is a much more detailed version. You can visit PsychosGamers for the full The Technomancer Review.

Or you can continue reading on Hubpages by visiting '' 10 reasons why you should play The Technomancer '' and '' 10 reasons why you should avoid The Technomancer '' .

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