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10 Reasons Why You Should Play The Technomancer

Updated on September 14, 2016

Welcome everyone to The Technomancer Review. This is the second part of the review. If you missed the first part, the lore of The Technomancer just click the link. You can find a lot of information about the lore of this action rpg in the article and you can read it pretty fast.

Let me waste no more time and continue with the '' 10 reasons why you should play The Technomancer '' .

1) Combat

The combat in the game is one of its biggest assets. It is intense, fast and with a lot of adrenaline spikes. With a variety of enemies like humans and mutated animals there is no shortage of battles.

2) Story

The story of the game is good enough to keep someone going for days, if he/she plays casually. It is intriguing, deep, interesting and with some unexpected twists.

3) World Design

It is obvious from the beginning of the game, Spiders Studios has some really talented people in the art department. From the dark and moody atmosphere of Ophir to the bright and colorful setting of Noctis, the free city of Mars. From the dangerous slums of Ophir to the colonial frozen domed city. Effort has been made to design a beautiful living world.

4) No Classes

The players in The Technomancer arent restricted in one class chosen at the beginning of the game. With 3 different combat styles players can fight with a staff, sword and pistol and with mace and shield. Each combat style has advantages and disadvantages and the players must choose carefully when to use them for maximum effect. Apart from those 3 combat styles Technomancers can use lightning when they please for devastating attacks, changing the course of battle.

5) Character Customization

The 4 combat disciplines in The Technomancer have skill trees on their own. Those skills have such a big impact in the game. Developing those skill trees can take a considerable amount of time doing every single quest in the game. But they are totally worth it.

6) Companions

I am so glad the developers decided to include some companions in the game to help the main character out. Fighting and exploring is so much more fun when there are 2 more npcs accompanying the player. Those companions are specialized in different weapons and combat styles so the team can be tailored to specific playstyles.

7) Role Playing

If we are talking about rpgs then we are talking about meaningful decisions. Decisions that shape the world of the game. Decisions that change the outcome of the story. Decisions that influence the opinions and lives of the npcs. In The Technomancer players must make some pretty serious decisions that will change the outcome of the game.

8) Story Summary

All the important decisions the players will make during their playthrough, will be put together as a small story at the end of the game. It is a very satisfying way to end a video game. To see the choices the players made had an impact, had some meaning.

9) Outstanding Ending

The whole game leads towards that magnificent ending. It is a very bitter sweet ending thats for sure. I wont tell you what it is. Most of the times I dont give a damn about spoilers but this time I will hold back.

10) Many Hours Of Gaming

The Technomancer has a lot of content. The amount of secondary quests is just astonishing. Following the story missions and completing all the quests takes many, many hours of gaming.

I took the time and created a video out of this hub. It's an alternative way of enjoying this article. This video has been posted on my Youtube channel PsychosGamers . Enjoy !!!

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There you have it, 10 reasons why you should play The Technomancer . Now you can continue on the final part of this review on Hubpages '' 10 reasons why you should avoid The Technomancer '' . Or you can read The Technomancer Review in all its glory at PsychosGamers. It's up to you. Have fun !!!

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