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Top 100 Ideas for Hobbies. (part eight)

Updated on January 24, 2013

100 ideas for hobbies 71-80.

where does the time fly, it does not seem like all that long ago that I started writing this list of hobbies and already we have reached 71. If you have not yet read instalments 1 to 7 and you would like to you can find them on my profile.

Well 70 down just 30 to go, but don't go anywhere just yet I have found a few juicy ones for you.


71. Frisbee.

Frisbee is actually a lot more fun to do then you would imagine it to be, I love playing Frisbee on the beach. Frisbees are also super cheap to buy and its really easy to learn.

Have you tried playing frisbee.

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72. Zorbing.

Running around in the human version of a hamster ball, whats not to like?

Have you tried zorbing.

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73. Paint-balling.

Commonly used as a corporate team building exercise, paint-balling is a growing in popularity all the time and is big business. If there isn't already a paint-balling centre near you chances are their soon will be. If you decide you want to take up paint-balling as a hobby always wear the protective gear provided and be warned it can hurt when your hit.

Have you tried paint-balling.

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74. Cycling.

I get so much pleasure from riding my bicycle, it keeps me fit and is good for the environment to. Although the initial purchasing of a bike maybe costly, if you look after it, it will last you a life time and you will definitely get your moneys worth out of it. It is handy if you know how to change its tyres and fix a puncture though.

Have you tried cycling.

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75. Pottery.

Although this hobby has been on the decline for some years, making stuff out of clay is still a past time that is chosen by many people. The classic film ghost starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moor still make the whole thing an appealing concept to me.

Have you tried making pottery.

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76. Fencing.

Essentially sword fighting while wearing special protective clothing and head gear. Still if it's good enough for Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson it's good enough for me (not that I have actually got round to trying it yet.)

Have you tried fencing.

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77. Making models out of match sticks.

This hobby requires a lot of vision, planning, patience and match sticks. If you can get this right, the results can be really impressive.

Have you tried making models out of match sticks.

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78. Hypnotism.

I listen to hypnotism cd's before I go to bed at night, I have almost as many hypnosis Cd's as I do self help books. (I like to be self improved.) However I do not practise hypnotism on others but it would probably be fun to try.

Have you tried hypnotism.

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79. Learning a foreign language.

Foreign languages are fascinating I'm currently trying to teach myself spanish and french. (I told you I like to self improve.) It does not cost much to learn a foreign language and it could one day be very useful to you.

Have you tried learning a foreign language.

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80. Diabolo.

This is a lot harder then some people make it look, but they are not very expensive to buy and you can practice almost anywhere.

Have you tried diabolo.

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