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100 ideas for hobbies. (part four)

Updated on May 29, 2012

Ideas for hobbies 31-40.

If you haven't already read parts one to three you can find them via my profile. If you have already read them then thank-you for sticking with me for part four. If you have read the previous thirty and still not found anything that takes your fancy, don't panic we still have seventy more to go. I hope you enjoy this latest instalment of 100 ideas for hobbies.


31. Vollyball.

Vollyball is a lot of fun but also physically demanding, it requires a lot of running and jumping. All you need to start is a net, a ball and some friends.

Have you tried volly ball.

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32. Water Skiing.

Water Skiing is specialized, you will need special equipment and follow special safety procedures. If you are not comfortable in water or you can not swim, this is not suitable for you.

Have you tried water skiing.

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33. Zip lining.

Zip lining is something I am very fond of doing and I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of somewhere I can do it. This is not for those afraid of heights.

Have you tried Zip lining.

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34. Gaming.

The gaming industry is worth billions and the market is growing everyday, which isn't surprising when you consider how many new games and consoles are released every year.

Have you tried gaming.

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35. Extreme Ironing.

I have always found this one a little odd myself because I don't enjoy ironing at the best of times. However it is popular all over the world, from ironing on top of high bridges to ironing under water, this has become more popular then I would have predicted.

Have you tried extreme ironing.

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36. Su-Doku.

Su-Doku became very popular very quickly, this number puzzle can easily swallow up hours of your time. And if you think completing one is hard you should try creating one.

Have you tried Su-Doku.

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37. Hang gliding.

If you love heights and the thought of soaring through the air on an over-sized triangle and sounds like your idea of fun hang gliding is probably for you. However if your worst nightmare would be hanging on for dear life high up in the sky, this is probably not for you.

Have you tried hang gliding.

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38. Wrestling

Wrestling involves a lot of body contact and your probably going to get injured doing it, if your not into the rough stuff I'de stay well clear.

Have you tried wrestling.

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39. Poker.

Is the worlds most popular card game, except for maybe snap. More people lose money playing poker then any other card game.

Have you tried poker.

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40. Crosswords.

And I'm not talking about whats said in an argument. The crossword goes back centuries and its still a popular pass time today. One of the hardest crosswords are found in the Times.

Have you tried crosswords.

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Well we have reached the end of another instalment, I better get on with the next. Thank-you for reading up to now and I hope you enjoy whats to come.


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