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11 Wraeththu RPG Adventure Seeds

Updated on January 9, 2012

Wraeththu RPG adventure seeds

1. The players enter a village that seems fairly normal, but appearances can be decieving, and if the players stay long enough for word to get around, they are approached by the high priest of the local Nayati, a tall Har of impressive bearing who has sensed that the players have the necessary skills to deal with a problem that has cropped up recently. It seems that local Hara of high caste have suffered a number of mind-crippling attacks lately that come in dreams of being mauled alive by black wolves with eyes of fire. Are these the warnings of an ancient Native American spirit, angry about the encroach of Hara into it’s land, or are they the attacks of a Shaman of another tribe who is bent on revenge (or an easy, future conquest?) Is it something else entirely? Something more sinister?

2. A scouting party of Hara checking out the ruins of an abandoned human city have stumbled upon an enclave of human survivalists with access to enough lab equipment to keep their society alive and breeding. The discovery hasn’t gone unnoticed, however, and soon all the Hara are slaughtered except for one. Mortally wounded, that Har encounters the players (either on the road or in the presence of tribal elders who have requested their presence) and tells them of the location of the enclave. If they go, the haul could be grand– but the dangers will likely be as well.

3. Reports from the north have indicated that a Har working independently atop a high, misty peak has developed some technology of crystals and ether that has intrigued the players or the elders of their tribe. Depending on the period in which the game takes place, it could be a form of long distance psychic communication, contact with and taming of Sedim, vehicles of light that hover and fly, or a new magic of Aruna that offers exciting benefits as yet unheard of by Harkind elsewhere. Whether the players go in to raid the site like the Varrs or bring trade goods and a pioneering spirit to the table is up to the group, but the reception that greets them (if the reports are even true) is up to you.

4. The players are staying in a town when a handsome Har who seems to radiate energy and light arrives. Local Hara suspect that he could be the Aghama himself, but others dismiss it as superstition and the fantasies of impressionable young minds. Whether he is or is not the Aghama is up to you. Does he perform miracles? Bestow gifts? Maybe he finds the characters so fascinating that he leads them into an act of Grissecon, offers to teach them things or share knowledge of the spirit world. Maybe he came here knowing that he would meet the characters, fully aware of the changes that he would instigate in the process.

5. In their wanderings, the players run across an enclave of Hara who have returned to the old ways of their human forebears, trying to carve out a life on the frontier with the meager leavings of the previous civilization. They’ve divided themselves into rigidly imposed gender divisions, labeling some as male and others as female, and have even gone so far as to repair and use technologies based on internal combustion and destructive human industry. How they react to the characters depends on how far from traditional human standards they have “fallen”, and they may even get hostile, especially in the face of magic or those who may try to change them or their archaic ways.

6. Traveling from point to point, the characters discover a place in the wilderness that feels unusual enough that they become intrigued and want to stop. Drawn to the ambient energy of the place, they may be encouraged to frolic or rest, and over time, the energy of the place will begin to have an intoxicating effect on them. Is it just a really groovy spot in nature, or is something else going on? Is a spirit of some kind responsible, (and if it is, is it a malevolent spirit, a trickster, or a kind and generous one?) Is another tribe involved? What’s their motivation?

7. A tribe of Hara interested in recovering some of the old technologies, tools and resources of humanity has discovered a cache of robotics in the wastes. Seeing the military grade soldiers of steel and silicon as a potential means of protecting their tribe against humans and other tribes of Hara, they have begun to experiment with them, working on them and trying to get them up and running again. Using a form of clairvoyant prescience, the Har in charge discovers the passkeys to activate them, but as he attempts to instruct and reprogram them, he trips a failsafe installed by humans who were wary about the coming fall of their civilization to Hara. Soon, thirty bipedal, gun-toting automatons are loose on the world, wandering from place to place. Their mission: To terminate any Hara they spot en route.

8. The world of today is full of paranormal mysteries that might appear wholly different in the eyes of Hara. Create an adventure that centers around a haunted house, a series of crop circles, aliens, crystal skulls, yeti, chupacabra, momos, secret societies, or ancient codes and mysteries of the human world, considering how otherworldly beings might react to (or interact with) curious and/or experienced Hara.

9. The players encounter a tribe of Hara who practice a possession tradition in the highest castes of their society, channeling the spirits of animals, humans, lost Hara and even gods for short periods, but when a possession goes wrong and the spirit refuses to relinquish control of the body it has taken, all hell breaks loose and things quickly escalate out of control. (It could be the resurgence of a dark and fallen leader like Ponclast who whips up a mob of Hara bent on resurrecting the ways and tribal identity of the Teraghasts, or even a human general who is (or becomes) vehemently anti-har (someone like Adolf Hitler) and charismatic enough in body or passionate speaking to build an army out of humans freed and armed with the weapons of a violent past.

10. Take something that runs as anathema to at least one of the player characters (dark magic, reliance on human technology, settling down and giving up the adventuring trade, etc.) and make it attractive. Put the player in a position where the thing could save their life or something very important to them. Make them face their fears, stand up to their demons, and decide for themselves. Make them ask: What side of the fence should I be on? Is there even a fence? Is it all just shades of grey? Don’t pen them into a role or a decision, bu give them options, and make it easier for them to go against the grain of their personality than to go with it.

11. Considering the fact that Hara are a relatively new and unique form of life, it’s possible that they haven’t yet occurred as a force of nature in certain alternate dimensions or other universes, but imagine the impact if they were to spread or come into contact with other humans from other realities and/or other planets. Imagine the impact on the universe if a tribe of Hara were to unearth and activate an interplanetary portal like the Stargate or bits of an ancient faster-than-light starship. Would they be seen as dangerous and infectious invaders wherever they went, or would they be hailed as heroes and saviors, the next evolution of humanity come to bring a new great enlightenment to those less fortunate? How would they fare against the appearance of something huge and powerful like the Great Cthulhu? An infectious and invasive lifeform like Xenomorphs or The Thing? What would inception do to an Elf? A Dwarf? A Cyborg? A Vulcan?

Wraeththu is the property of Storm Constantine and Immanion Press. All other things used are the property of their respective owners. This is a fan-made suppliment to help roleplayers and their referrees.


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