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League of Legends: 7 Good Mid Champions

Updated on July 4, 2013


In League of Legends, there are a lot of ranged champions that could be possible mid champions. However, not all ranged champions are good for this role. In this hub, we will be covering a few champs that ARE suitable for this role and how to use them effectively to get the job done. I am not trying to say that these are the BEST mid champions. Mid is a very complex role and the "best" mid champ all depends on the team and who they are facing in the opposing mid role. If you are new to League of Legends, this will be a great guide in setting you up to start playing the mid role.

7 Solid Mid Champions


1. Brand

Brand is a good mid champion because he has great range and a great harassing ability. A huge part of playing mid is staying ahead of the opposing mid champion. Whether this be in kills and assists, or just farming creeps. Brand gives you a great kill ability with a lot of damage and a stun, and also a great ability to farm minions. Brand's passive allows him to do extra fire damage over a period of time after his abilities. This allows him to harass more on creeps and potentially finish of an enemy after they leave combat. His Q ability throws a fireball forward, dealing damage and igniting an enemy with his passive. His W ability lights up the ground with flame also igniting an enemy and doing damage. However, if Brand hits an enemy with another ability after this one, it will stun that enemy. Also, his E ability will set a target ablaze, if that target is already ablaze, this ability will spread to all other nearby enemies. Finally, his ult sends out a giant fireball that bounces off enemy targets in the area, preferably champions, dealing massive amounts of damage. If you use Brand properly at the mid position, you should light the target ablaze with W, then stun your opponent with Q or E, then finally when the target's health is low, use your ult with a combination of ignite.Brand's passive heavily depletes the enemies health and in combination with ignite, ensures the kill.

Brand tip: Try to use your ult when most enemy champions are present. Preferably during a team fight.


2. Lux

The reason why Lux is such a great mid champion is her ability to set up a kill, harass and farm all at the same time. Her abilities grant her a way to set up easy ganks, as well as her own kills. She can also harass and farm simultaneously. Not to mention her ult is a total nuke that can give you a double, or triple kill. Lux is initially labeled as a support character due to her stuns, slows and shield, but everyone in the LoL community knows she is a natural born killer. Lux's passive ability lights up a target every time it gets hit by one of her abilities. If Lux attacks that same enemy with a basic attack, it does additional damage. This is good for finishing off an enemy. Her Q ability can snare up to two opponents in one cast. They are also lit up by her passive. Lux's W ability is her shield. She casts out energy that boomerangs back to her. All allies that come in contact with this energy get a temporary shield. This is good for a long brawl or to prevent from dying. Her E ability shoots out an energy that surrounds an area. All enemies in that area are slowed and she can ignite the area to do damage. Finally, the best part. Lux's ult is a gigantic laser beam. It does tons of damage to all enemies in its way. This also ignites the passive damage from Lux's passive ability. Playing Lux as mid is simple. Stun with Q, do damage with E then finish them off with her ult. The best part about Lux's ult is that it has a really low cooldown and can be used very often.


3. Fizz

Fizz is a unique mid champion due to the fact that he is a melee character. Not only does he do massive damage, but he has one of the greatest harass abilities in the game. Fizz is able to get into the action and back out without a scratch done to him. His speed and dexterity will easily give you the upper hand in a match. His abilities aren't so great with farming though in the early game. If you farm too hard you can easily get set up and take a lot of damage from a ranged opponent if you aren't careful. Fizz's passive ability grants him great dexterity, allowing him to take less physical damage and ignore unit collision. This is useful when navigating through creeps. His Q ability launches himself at light speed toward the target and does damage. The good part about this ability is that it applies on hit effects such as slows and damage over time. Leading me to his next ability. His W ability lights up his trident and when not toggled, does a passive amount of damage overtime, but when active, does even more damage over time. If you use this in combination with his Q ability, you can do a lot of damage at the very beginning of a fight. Next, his E ability. Fizz hops on his trident and avoids all incoming attacks and abilities while in the air. This is great for getting the hell out of there when you are taking damage. Finally, his ult. His ult throws a bait fish that, if coming in contact with the enemy, locks on to the target. After a short period of time, a gigantic shark comes out from under the ground, stopping all movement from that enemy, doing tons of damage and slowing them over time. A proper way to use Fizz in the mid position is to start with his ult, once locked on, use your W to light up your trident and then launch at the target with Q to do damage, if you do this right the shark will attack right after you do. The target will be almost dead if not completely dead at this point. If they are still alive, his passive damage over time on his W ability will finish him off, or you can hop toward the target with the E ability and splash to finish them off.

Fizz tip: use the E ability to avoid being attacked by a turret.


4. Ashe

Ashe is a very beginner champion when it comes to the mid role. She has a great farming ability and receives extra gold every time she kills a minion. That same ability also helps her not get ganked by allowing her to have extra vision if needed. Ashe has a great farming ability due to her area attack and her natural fear factor from the opposing enemy. If you use Ashe properly, she can not only be a great mid champion, but also a ranged carry that can help you win a game in the end. Ashe's passive ability allows her to critically strike more often. The longer she is out of combat, the more likely it will happen. Her Q ability is a toggle ability. While toggled on, her arrows will slow the target every time she strikes them. This is good for chasing down an enemy. Ashe's W ability shoots multiple arrows over an area. This ability also slows her target. Use this ability to harass and farm minions. Her E ability passively allows her to collect more gold per kill, but actively grants her vision in an area of her choosing. This is great for preventing a gank from the bushes on either side of the mid playing field. Finally, her ult, possibly one of the best in the game, shoots an arrow across the map. If the arrow comes in contact with an enemy champion, it will stun them for quite a period of time and do a good bit of damage. Using this can quickly turn the tide of battle. The best way to use Ashe is to use her W ability, to slow a target, then cast her ult to stun them, then finish them off with basic attacks. If the opponent doesn't remain stunned the entire time, toggle on your Q ability to prevent them from getting away. Ashe, like I said is a very beginner champion to use in the mid position, but is equally as lethal as all of the rest.

Ashe tip: You can use your ult to kill runaway champs or help allies across the map.


5. Morgana

Morgana is another champion like Lux, who is labeled as a support, but is really a natural born killer. The big thing with Morgana is her combo ability. She can easily set up a kill with a stun and a damage over time ability. She has a great finishing capability as well. As far as her ability to farm, she has a damage per second ability that can affect all minions it comes in contact with. This gives Morgana the ability to farm creeps without actually being close to the action. She also has a semi-decent gank repel with her shield and stun. Morgana's passive ability grants her spell vamp. This is good for replenishing life while farming. Her Q ability is similar to Lux's as it snares the target. Morgana's W ability spills a pool of acid on the floor of where she targeted. This is good for farming, and as stated with her passive, replenishing life. Her E ability is her shield. Morgana's shield is great due to the fact that it makes her spell imune, blocking all stuns and slows. Finally, her ult deals damage and slows a target over time. If locked on for the full duration, it will stun the target. To use Morgana effectively, snare the target with Q, apply W shortly after to deal more damage and then finish with her ult. By the time her ult has taken full effect, her Q and W should reach their cooldown period, allowing you to repeat the process. If a target has survived all of that, it will most likely kill you anyway.

Morgana tip: Use Morgana's shield while evading and at the beginning of a team fight. Majority of users start a team fight with crowd control abilities. This will negate them from affecting morgana.

Le Blanc
Le Blanc

6. Le Blanc

Le Blanc is arguably one of the best mid champions. The reason is because of her amazing killing ability. Combos, combos, combos is all I have to say about Le Blanc. Her abilities are practically made only to kill the opposing enemy. She has a great lung, meaning she can cast on you for quite a long time and she her passive ability gives her a last ditch save if she has low health. The main problem with Le Blanc is her farming ability. She has to use auto attacks to farm which can open her up to counters from the opposing mid champion. If you can effectively manage the mid space, you should do fine. Le Blanc's passive allows her to go stealth mode and create a mirror image of herself when blow 40% health. This is a good passive for a tactical escape. Her Q ability launches an orb at a target. Once hitting the target, it will mark it with light. If another one of Le Blanc's abilities hits the same enemy, it will do additional magic damage and silence them. This ability is great for setting up a combo. Her W ability launches her forward, doing damage to anyone in the area. After a few seconds, if casted again, it will return Le Blanc to the original location of the first cast. This ability is usually used to escape, or continue the combo. Next her E ability attaches a chain to the target and does initial damage, as well as slowing them. If they remained chained for a few seconds, the ability will do more damage and root them for a period of time. This is the next ability you want to use in the combo. Finally, her ult casts the same spell Le Blanc just casted, but does significantly more damage than before. Obviously mastering Le Blanc comes with mastering her combos. Try to use the Q ability, then W then E. Once the target is rooted and silenced, use the Q ability again to do more damage and then apply the ult to use the Q ability one more time and finish the job. If you need a hasty operation, use her ult immediately after you cast E.


7. Ahri

Ahri is very similar to Le Blanc when it comes to combos. However, she has a slightly better farming ability. Her abilities allow her to put pressure on the opposing mid champion, while simultaneously farming at the same time. She has a great killing ability due to the fact that all of her abilities are used to set the next one up. With this being said, she is a very hard champion to master if you want to use her effectively and not feed. However, I promise that if you do indeed master this champion, you won't regret it. Ahri's passive ability grants her 35% spell vamp after her spells have come in contact with 9 enemies (creeps or champs). Her next ability will heal her for 35% of the damage. Her Q ability launches a magical orb forward, doing damage on the way out, and the way back. This is good for farming and doing damage to a champion simultaneously. Ahri's W ability surrounds her with 3 energy foxes that do damage to the first 3 targets she comes near (preferably champions). This is used commonly, and strategically while running away or with her ult. Next, her E ability shoots out a big heart. If an enemy champions gets hit by this heart, it will taunt them toward Ahri against their will. This ability is great for setting up combos with Q and W. Finally, her ult will dash her forward up to 3 times. Each time she will release energy similar to her W ability except a whole lot stronger. Basically, to use Ahri effectively, you must master her combos. Use the E ability to pull them toward you, then Q and W simultaneously. If the target is not dead by then, use your ult to chase them down before they get to the tower.

Ahri tip: Her ult can be used to run away from a battle that is ultimately a loss.

Who is the Best Mid Champion on this List?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Fiddlesticks is a good mid champion, I can control the mid lane using fiddlesticks, and can bully too much to his opponent...

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      ahri's kinda no hope if the enemy set up a trap, her skills tends to damage opponents one at a time, ashe is squishy, making her a target waiting to be shot, the other ones are fine :)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Ahri is the best idiots

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Lux opzle

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      i play all the champs except for ashe for mid. ashe sucks at playing mid. she is only good at adc

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I kinda disagree about Ashe...she´s not a good mid char

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Lux is my main character, the thing I love most about her is that she is a wildcard (Like twisted fate *Badumtss*). Most people I have played with have mixed reactions when I lock in my choice as Lux, because you are either good at her or you are not. Well anyway that's why I like Lux.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hello. i love Ashe . Ashe is good.

    • MountainManJake profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Seattle

      Agreed! These aren't supposed to be the top 7. These are just 7 good mid champions as the title suggests.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Orianna is also a great mid person... just saying

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      bob is the bestmid champ

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Ashe is a terrible mid character. No escapes, squishy. Just about any other mid would make a nice dinner of her, it's not s1 meta anymore.


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