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League of Legends : 7 Good Champions on the Twisted Treeline

Updated on July 4, 2013


The Twisted Treeline is my second favorite map next to Dominion. What I really love about this map is the amount of team effort that is involved, the quickness of the game and the ability to really let your champion shine. There really isn't a concept of a "carry", so every character can be greedy when they want to without ruining the game for the rest of the crew. I have seen people comeback from sure defeat multiple times. The map is designed so that you can actively play a role in both lanes on both sides of the map without abandoning your lane and letting the opposing champ in that lane get ahead. Ganking is so much easier to engage and defend against as well. Farming is also not so much of a factor and the jungle is balanced. What this leaves you with is true champion vs champion encounters that effect the entire game. Poor team communication will lead to certain defeat and not one champion can become "OP". If you play a lot of Summoner's Rift, this map will allow you to relax a bit more and let you build your champion the way you want to, not partially counter-building your opponent. Challenge accepted?

1. Amumu

What makes a good champion on The Twisted Treeline is sustain, gankability, and crown control. Why is that? Well there are only 2 lanes and like I stated in the introduction, you spend a lot of time in the jungle and ganking the opposing lane. The first champion on the list is Amumu. The reason why he is so great his because he has a ton of sustain being that he is a natural AP tank. He also has a ton of crowd control that can affect the entire enemy team. Amumu also has one of the most notable engagements in the game with his Q. It stuns the opponent and perfectly sets up his ult to stun the entire team. Not to mention his DPS and immense amount of damage that comes with his ult if he build off-tank with AP. Bottom line, Amumu can dominate the game on 3v3. He can farm quickly in the top lane with his toggle ability and quickly make his way to bottom lane to gank and stun both bottom laning champions. His only weakness? Magic resist, tenacity and AD off-tanks. If you can get a whole lot of health, magic resist and pick up some Merc Boots, you should be good. Don't let Amumu get ahead or you will pay for it. If you are playing as Amumu, pick up items like Rylai's Scepter, Sunfire Cape and Frozen Heart. This will aid in your sustain and help thwart AD champs that plan to take you out!

2. Garen

Garen is kind of a no-brainer. He has a gigantic amount of sustain, a good entrance to start a gank, the ability to farm quickly, and an amazing finishing move. All of these elements are the fundamentals of what makes a good 3v3 champ. Building Garen is pretty simple too. Sunfire Cape is always a good tool on Twisted Treeline because of the DPS and to help you farm a bit faster. It gives you extra sustain which is also a huge help. I usually throw in Black Cleaver because of the AD boost and the small amount of health that is gained and Frozen Mallet because of Garen's cooldowns. The longer Garen keeps the enemy in his scope, the more you can cast and the more damage you can do. Frozen mallet throws in a bit of extra damage with the large amount of health he gets. If the game lasts long enough, go ahead and get Infinity Edge to really put the cherry on the top of your AD game. Playing against Garen is easy. CROWD CONTROL. They most successful thing I have seen work against Garen is slows, champions like Ashe are his worst enemy, and stuns. If you can keep Garen away from you as his abilities go into cooldown, you can control the battle.

3. Riven

Riven is the ultimate champion in a team fight. She has an AoE stun, a shield that can help her engage or retreat, a ganking ability that is second to none and an ult that gives her more power and a finishing move. Using Riven in the top lane will instantly keep your opponent off of their farm if they are melee because they will respect your Q combo. This gives you the ability to farm freely. Be careful not to overextend because Riven can be ganked easily because of her high cooldowns. The best way to play her is to clear the top lane and then head south to the bottom lane to launch an unstoppable gank. Be cautious on ganking and be sure to finish on the first burst because her cooldowns are way too high. If you are ever in a situation where you use all of your abilities and still have opponents left, your AD buff from your ult should still give you the ability to finish, but not for long. Be sure to build correctly and take this weakness into consideration. Use buffs like lifesteal, health and regen to help keep you alive until your cooldowns subside. Playing against Riven should be simple if you can avoid her initial attack. Properly timed crowd control can really shut Riven down. Use it too early and you will regret it, use it too lately and you are dead. Riven can also be useful in bottom lane to counter enemy ganks. Her stun and mobility can easily get you and your buddy back to safety. She is a good starting champion if you are new to the map.

4. Singed

I think Singed is the closest to "OP" on 3v3 as one champ can get. Why? It purely comes down to ease of farm. Every time I play Singed, I build him AP off-tank and I end up getting at least 100 more creeps than everyone in the whole match. He can clear top lane and jungle in less than 30 seconds and does enough DPS to affect all enemies and has enough crowd control to disrupt an entire team fight. 3 items that are a must have for Singed is Rod of Ages, Rylai's Scepter and Blackfire Torch. It gives you the sustain and damage to really have a huge impact. Singed also gets ahead in the match really quick because of all of the farm that he gets. I remember sometimes I will be level 12 where the rest of the team is level 8 or 9. This helps with getting items early and staying ahead the entire game. How can you stop him? Easy. Slow him down! Slows are Singed's worst nightmare. Since he has to be so close for his flip, and be chased or run ahead of champs to do DPS with his poison, slow keeps him from doing either. Champions like Yorick really shut Singed down both early and late game. Avoid champions like these at all cost, or wait until they are dead!

5. Vi

Vi still needs to be nerfed. Considering that she has built in armor penetration, she also has a good gank ability, a good defense and does a ton of damage with an amazing finish. Getting items like Ghostblade and Black Cleaver along with some sustain like Frozen Mallet will make her do damage off the charts. I typically like to use her bottom lane because she can sometimes overextend without you even noticing. She also plays well with others and doesn't a consistent amount of crowd control. I have found that playing against Vi is pretty difficult at first until you get her timing right. Champions that close range quickly like Diana, Akali and even Xin Zhao have been the most effective for me. Vi's abilities cover so much ground that if you make a mistake, you will be punished for it. Time range closing abilities right after she does her dive and blast. She virtually have no way to counter a move like this. Akali has the unique ability to pop smoke just in case the odds are in Vi's favor, Diana has that shield/slow and Xin has his ult or can duke it out with Vi over time. My advice is that if the fight lasts longer than 4 seconds with Vi, its time to get out of there. Too much armor pen. Good luck!

6. Wukong

What I really like about Wukong is his burst damage, and his ability to GTFO. His stealth ability isn't just good for escape, it is also good for engaging unnoticed and for baiting. He has a range closer and a power hit that will do a substantial amount of damage in a single burst. The cooldown on them is pretty low as well. Wukong doesn't have as much sustain as the other champions on this list, but he makes up for that in his ult. His ult sets up the perfect team fight. Not only does it do a whole lot of DPS, but the crowd control on it is just amazing. This gives him sustain because like Fiddlesticks, people just want to get away from his during the ult. Because of the DPS of his ult and his lack of natural sustain, I recommend, yet again, Sunfire Cape. This will increase sustain and make his ult that much more deadly. I think Wukong is best suited for top lane on Twisted Treeline. While his dive sometimes makes him overextend, his stealth ability makes up for it and allows him to have a quick escape just in case. Of course the stealth can help him with ganks as well as his other abilities that close range and do a whole lot of damage. His ult will quickly end the gank and let him get back to safety. Playing against Wukong can be tricky. What I typically recommend is to out sustain him and have consistent crowd control. Leona has always been successful against Wukong as well as any AP champ with a stun. Stop Wukong early and he won't be a threat. I promise!

7. Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao can sometimes be scary. He jumps in so quickly that you don't even know he is there until it is too late. So much damage so quickly and tons of crowd control. Xin Zhao has a weird type of sustain that allows him to not have to build tanky to stick around. He has a build in heal passive that isn't lifesteal, just a heal. It even works on towers! Building him with tons of AD and tenacity will definitely make him deadly. You will probably get 1 or 2 kills before dying if you know what you are doing. Attack speed also helps him keep that sustain alive. Playing Xin Zhao on bottom lane while mainly jungling is probably the best way to go if you are just starting out with him. He can gank both top and bottom lanes with ease. Just make sure that you have a bottom champ that can hold their own for a minute straight if need be. Playing against Xin is pretty simple. Armor and Crowd Control. If he doesn't kill you with 4 seconds, you aren't going to die. His cooldowns are pretty high and if you can stop his sustain you will be successful. A good stun after he jumps on you will shut him down and make him an easy kill. Just be sure to have an AP champ around to counter him.

Which Champion on the List is Best for 3v3?

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    • SimilarSam profile image


      4 years ago from Australia

      All extremely strong, Singed is definitely my favourite though.

    • MountainManJake profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Seattle

      You're very right!

    • thegecko profile image

      Warren Samu 

      5 years ago from San Diego, CA

      Don't forget Sejuani! Her CC is excellent :D

    • MountainManJake profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Seattle

      I don't understand your question.

    • profile image


      5 years ago



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