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League of Legends : 7 Good Dominion Champions

Updated on April 19, 2013


If you haven't played Dominion on League of Legends before, you are in for a treat. It involves constant capture and defense of 5 towers. You have a point system that decreases when you have less towers captured. The more you have, the more the enemies points shrink, the more they have, the more that yours shrink. The great thing about Dominion is that from the beginning it is a race to capture. You need one huge force to overthrow your enemy on a tower and then a strong defense in order to prevent them from doing the same. Squishy champions usually don't do too well on this map. Champions that are too defensive will never capture a tower. Having the balance between both offense and defense will ultimately needed in order to select the proper champion. Not to mention that you have to build accordingly.

1. Volibear

Considering that Dominion requires a strong offense, and a good defense, I think Volibear is an obvious candidate. Not only does he have the speed to race for a tower, but he can also retreat or chase down an enemy champion. His offensive ability is amazing and his passive makes him great for defense. I build him with Sunfire Cape, Frozen Mallet and Witt's End to start. This has been hugely successful for me. His W scales on his health and attack speed. This is pretty much Garen's ult with a lower cool down. Volibear's passive is like Mundo's ult, but passive. While approaching an enemies tower, they usually bunch up in the center or on the far end of the tower. Having Volibear's E ability helps with retreat when you engage a tower. You can rush in with Q, focus a weaker champ, then use E set up the finish with W, or GTFO. On top of it all, Volibear's ult allows you to show up a bit late on a team fight and consistently pick up kills and assists. Having attack speed and health will really help this champion thrive on this map.

2. Malphite

Malphite is overall an extremely beefy champion. His passive creates a shield based on his health that helps with sustain and engagement. What I really love about Malphite is his offensive capability for team fights. His defense allows him to stick around for a long time, but his W allows him to do a lot of damage to all members on the enemy team. AD champions are really popular on Dominion because of the sustain they have. Since Malphite scales on health and armor, this makes him extremely useful. Grabbing Sunfire Cape, Frozen Mallet and Thornmail will definitely set you up for success. Another great part about Malphite is his ult. When your team is approaching a tower and the enemy is camping in underneath it, Malphite can completely disrupt everything and start a solid capture. If you don't time it right, however, and your team doesn't get there in time, you will die... I promise. You can also use his ult to make an amazing escape if you are facing a great loss. Crowd control is another huge factor that should be mentioned with Malphite. His Q slows approaching or fleeing enemies and his E slows attack speed. An amazing combination is to ult underneath a tower, use your E to not only do AoE damage, but also debuff majority of the team. IF you time it right, the rest of your team should shortly follow and you can target a squishy fleeing champ with your Q for your team to finish off. Overall, Malphite is amazing on this map!

3. Lee Sin

Lee Sin is overall one of the most well rounded characters. He has an amazing offensive ability and his sustain is outrageous. Mainly what makes Lee Sin such a great threat is his ability to enter battle, do a large amount of damage, and then leave battle in almost an instant. It helps that he has a shield ability that grants him additional sustain through lifesteal. I don't really play Lee Sin as often as I should, and I don't know why. It might be due to the fact that he is almost too easy to play on dominion. I like a bit of a challenge! The best players that I have seen playing Lee Sin use his Q to enter into battle, his E to inflict damage and crowd control and then his W to exit battle. His ult comes in handy for both offense and defense, which makes it a great tool. You can "superman kick", as I like to call it, enemies into your tower to inflict more damage, or away from your tower in defense. This makes it a great tool. Not to mention in a team fight where you can do damage to all members on the team with a single kick. The hardest part in mastering Lee Sin is getting down his skill shot and timing. Timing is a big deal with Lee Sin considering that to get the most out of his abilities you have to cast the ability twice. With a good amount of practice though you should be able to get the hang of him fast!

4. Akali

I honestly think Akali is one of the most OP champs on Dominion. Every time someone plays her they get at least 10 kills. She just has so many tools that are useful on this map. Not only does she have the best chase in the game, she can pop into stealth mode and make a quick escape. One thing that separates her from other hybrid champs in her class is her passive. It grants so much extra damage and sustain with spell vamp. Her Q lets her do even more damage as well! Overall she is a burst champion that can hide in her stealth until her next burst, which makes her pretty deadly. If built right (rylai's scepter) she can get pretty tanky and hard to take down as well. Overall, she has the ability to quickly dive under a tower, do a lot of damage and make a quick escape. What is really cool is the fact that she can use her ult to escape onto enemy creeps as well. Most combinations include her using Q to add the damage buff, jolting in with her ult, popping her AoE E and then popping smoke with her W. This messed up part is that she can do this burst 3 times with small cooldowns. That means she can potentially take out 3 champions in 1 minute. Why is this useful on dominion? Simple, you need a great offense and a strong defense. While she might not have great defenses, she has evasion, which if used properly can be just as useful. If you are just starting Dominion, I would recommend Akali or Lee Sin!

5. Jax

I play Jax a lot on Dominion. He is an absolutely amazing bot champ but is still very useful top and mid. What makes him so deadly is his sustain. With so much attack speed and damage built in, lifesteal and spell vamp are Jax's best friend. He clearly has a great offensive ability with his AoE stun, his W and his leap which can be offensive or evasive, but he also is pretty tanky when he pops the active on his ult. Increasing defensive abilities based on attack and ability power? This makes for a great dominion player. Grabbing items like Trinity Force, Hextech Spellblade, and Guinsoo's Rageblade will make Jax practically unstoppable in a 1v1 scenario. Most people who play Jax start his E and let it charge before making the Q leap. If timed correctly, Jax can absolutely devastate an enemy champion underneath their own tower, followed by a powerful W strike. I usually can knock down about 1/4 - 1/3 of an enemies health down on the first burst. Having enough lifesteal and spell vamp will allow you to use Jax's ult's passive and his W multiple times in one battle, which racks up tons of damage overtime.

6. Cho'Gath

I've seen Cho'Gath really effective in both top and bottom lanes. What makes Cho'Gath so awesome on Dominion is the amount of life and sustain he has and his crowd control. The range on his abilities allow him to easily harass enemy champions under their tower without being in threat range. He can also set up a huge offensive strike with his teammates using his Q and his E Silence. Since battles begin and are over so quickly on Dominion, silence can be an absolutely devastating factor if all enemy members are effected. This isn't to say that Cho'Gath only excels in a team fight. I have seen people use him bot and are unstoppable. His range allows him to both defend his tower and offensively ward off creeps. In the bottom lane, if you can control the flow of creeps, you can pretty much control the lane. It is pretty hard to capture someone else's tower without having the aid of some creeps. Cho'gath's passive lets him constantly stay in the lane by regenerating his health and mana. If you grab items like Witt's End, Rylai's Scepter and Blackfire Torch, you are bound to do a lot of damage and still have a lot of sustain.

7. Jayce

I am pretty sure that I don't even have to explain this one. Jayce can be ranged and melee. Why is this so great? Well having the ability to be ranged helps harass enemies under their tower and slowly weaken their health. He can then switch to melee to finish the job and capture the tower. His abilities also grant a passive crowd control and support along with their offensive benefits. Jayce can also cast 6 abilities in 1 burst, which is unique to League of Legends with the exception of Elise and Nidalee. He is the only AD based champion who has this trait. I have seen people dominate with him on the bottom late as well. He has a good leap and AoE damage ability that allows him not only to control the creep count in the bottom lane, but also have a heavy engagement that can quickly zap the opposing champions health. That range ability is also good for early harassment and late finishing. Grabbing items like Manume, Trinity Force and Sunfire Cape can make Jayce both offensively threatening but give him the defensive sustain to last late game. Overall I think the diversity of Jayce really allows him to be one of the most flexible champions to play on the Dominion map.

Jayce is also a great solo top champion!

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    • SimilarSam profile image

      Samuel Franklin 

      5 years ago

      Lee Sin, Singed & Akali are my top Dominion champions.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Didn't see singed or kassadin, ggwp.


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