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Airmech Strategies To Win With The Stealth Bomber

Updated on September 8, 2012

What Makes The Bomber Special?

The Bomber has many special features. To start if you get the collectors edition you get complimentary pink furry dice. However the cheap version is available. It comes with stealth technology that doesn't appear to actually affect anything, perhaps a future upgrade. Naturally. It also have the ability, much like the chopper, to drop bombs on enemies using energy instead of credits. This makes it very efficient at stopping tank rushes and jackal rushes as it does mass damage to five to six units at once. If you are in a spot where bombing is not an option and you need some close up action, Chuck Norris style, you can land your airmech and use the wings as blades. These do insane damage, the only down side is they are melee only. Try getting all up in a warthogs face when the auto cannon is blowing you away.

They designed a solution to this. The Mantis strike ability. It is upgraded like all other special attacks. It is a one shot wonder. It has strong damage dealing potential, be sure to pick your target carefully as it drains energy!

The armor is much like the saucer. A bit lower than most but it is so fast it can always outrun missiles. Even with no energy left.

How To Better Use The Bomber

The bomber has a low carrying capacity. When you are attempting to build an army it is best to use the follow option. This means that you do not have to pick up units individually. This is not the bombers strong point. When you are ready for the attack you simply launch the first tank in line and the rest will follow. Your best ability is to drop bombs. This comes in real handy when your enemy is preparing to tank line, or rush you. As when you drop bombs you do mass damage to all. As you bomb the same point two or three times you can kill four gemini tanks at once. Anymore than that and your opponent is too stupid to win anyway and you are wasting your time.

I would also highly recommend running at the very first of the game and melee killing as many money makers as possible. The bomber is super over powered at the start with melee. Other airmechs have no yet unlocked abilities, like missiles and air to ground attacks. It is very hard to kill a level 1 bomber with a level 1 anything else. This allows you to level quickly as well as set the enemy behind in economy and the time they spend trying to kill you gives your team a chance to get ahead.

The last option I have seen people do is to use it as a chase vehicle. Simply dropping bombs on enemy airmechs on the ground and giving chase. Using the speed to kill them off and escape before retaliation can have a chance to get them.


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