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Angry Birds Game Satisfaction

Updated on March 14, 2013

Angry birds game review

Angry Birds Game Satisfaction

Tired of playing stress type of games on your PC or game consoles. Why dont you try to play Angry Birds on your tablet or on your mobile phone. I'm playing this game since yesterday and I'm really hooked on it. I'm playing the regular angry birds and angry birds rio on my phone for me to be able to free my stress. I played other stress free game like Plants vs. zombies and Doodle jump. But, now I'm in a mood to play this one. I'm really amazed to break all bricks, pigs and all kind of stuff in angry birds and sometimes I even use Mighty Eagle for total destruction. There's also some boss battle not like other stupid games that doesnt have any boss fights.

Rovio did a good job to design a game that you dont need to stress yourself playing it. All I can say for the gameplay is excellent, You just need to use the bird as a bullet on your big slingshot then destroy all the barricade those pigs built. Graphics is really friendly and flashy. This game has also some kind of movie using a comic like slides to see what was the story is all about. It was like watching some cartoons with cel shaded outlines. For controls, it was really simple and easy to use, touch - hold - slide your finger then release. Same with the sounds, I almost memorize the intro beat. Overall this game is not only for kids its also for people who would like to relax and chill. And feel that playing games is like relaxing on a beach or walking in the park.

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    • Skylanders profile image

      Suzanne Kirkhope 4 years ago from California

      My kids and I enjoyed Angry Birds on the iPhone. The later challenges, did require some trial and error to get them right. We have not got the Star Wars game yet, but it's on our list!