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Bakugan Fangoid & Gren

Updated on December 31, 2013
Blue Aquos Fangoid 790G
Blue Aquos Fangoid 790G


Fangoid is a dinosaur like bakugan that was released in November 2010. His gpower is 600G in the anime, but a Subterra version can have up to 870. The Pyrus version has 1080G, the Aquos one has 1100 or 950G's in bakutriad. Fangoid has the capability of holding battle gear, except in the show. When he opens up his mouth shows two very long fangs and two large round plates at the sides that look like the wheels on Ramdol. He has a long neck with two sections, similar to Abis Omega. When opened, it stands up, with his neck protruding upwards. The neck makes up most of his height. It has the attribute on it and his head has a large horn. He comes in all attribute except for Ventus. Fangoid has only two abilities: Luna Spatan and Goliath Snow. He was seen in bakugan Gundalian invaders episode 3, 8, 11 and 14, however episode 3 was the only real battle he was in. Drago made a defensive move at first that nullified Fangoid’s ability. While his opponent was inactive, he tried using multiple attacks to decrease his power level. In the end, Drago overcame the attacks and won. In episode 30, an Aquos Fangoid appeared being used along with two Aquos Nastix defending the Gundalia from the Brawlers.

Red Pyrus Gren 920G
Red Pyrus Gren 920G


Gren is a variation to fangoid and is a walrus like bakugan with two big fangs on its mouth. He looks very plain and slow, so Gren usually uses long distance attacks, such as lasers, to attack its opponent. His G-power is random, and he can equip battle gear but has no main battle gear of his own. He was seen in bakugan Gundalian invaders episode 5 and 30. In episode 5, Gren was shown battling a glotronoid. He was too slow to attack with his claws and tail before Glotronoid disappeared, and ended up losing. When he opens up he shows two fins with a claw on them and a mermaid like tail. His head is shaped like a basic Dragonoid’s, with two huge tusks.

Abilities and G-Power

Ability Cards: Gren has only two abilities, Goliath Snow to nullifies the opponent's ability; Luna Spartan to subtract 400 G's from an opponent.

Fangoid comes in Pyrus, Darkus, and Aquos only. Pyrus has 920G, Aquos Fangoid has 800 or 790G's, Darkus has 660. The bakugan Wiki listed Subterra Gren was also available with either 690 or 870G's, as well as Haos version in Bakutriad, but I personally have never seen one in the market.


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