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Bakugan Sky and Gaia Dragonoid

Updated on January 3, 2014
Pyrus Sky and Gaia Dragonoid
Pyrus Sky and Gaia Dragonoid

Sky and Gaia Dragonoid: A BakuDouble Strike Bakugan

Sky and Gaia Dragonoid is an odd pair of double-strike bakugan. It flies high above his enemies before striking at them, spewing fire with brutal precision. They are actually two bakugan that make up a ball. However, only Gaia (the 4 legged monsters) has a magnet, while the other does not. He flexes has pointed steel tail and challenge other players in head-to-head strategic battles with multiple opponents. His wrist guards trigger green diamonds that shoot out deadly laser beams.

Various Released Series

The structure and mechanics of the bakugan is fairly complex, but the game rules are easy to understand (search on bakugan wiki Sky & Giga Dragonoid). Basically, the two bakugan that split cannot be one on gate card. In other words, the bakugan must fight in two different arenas. There is a large amount of g-power for each bakugan. The Subterra Gaia has 780 Gs and Sky has 750 Gs; its Pyrus version has 860 for Gaia and 720 for Sky in the BakuBoost; there is 680G for Sky and there is 700G for Gaia in a BakuTriad when it is in the middle of the package. Also, there is the Pyrus version, a mystery ball at the top of the BakuTriad and has the same Gs as the BakuBoost version (Gaia with 860 and Sky with 720). It was also released in Ventus.

Sky and Gaia Bakugan Ball Structure

Sky is a skinny dragon bakugan with no hind legs, but arms for picking up Gaia, who cannot fly. He also has massive wings that help it fly carrying a lot of weight. When the bakugan is opened, Sky will pop up into the air about 2 inches above Gaia, and lands somewhere on the battle field; usually on a gate card, but because it has no magnet, it is hard to make it stop properly. There are double jointed wings that flip to the side, and a short neck that extends forward. Gaia is a Chinese-lion like bakugan, with a large muscular structure and claws for attacking an opponent. Sometimes, it is said that Sky picks Gaia up to fling him at an opponent. Most of his parts need to be opened by hand, including the feet, tail, and horns. Overall, I would definitely recommend Sky and Gaia Dragonoid.

List of BakuDouble Strike Bakugan Toy

Blitz Dragonoid
Phantom Dharak
Sky & Gaia Dragonoid


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      jenny 6 years ago

      iluv my sky and gaia dragonoid