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Balance Bikes For Kids - Buy A Kazam Balance Bike For Your Toddler

Updated on April 10, 2011
Buy A Kazam Balance Bike For Kids
Buy A Kazam Balance Bike For Kids

Buy A Kazam Balance Bike

A Kazam Balance Bike for little ones gives parents an alternate option to teach their children the skills associated with riding a bike. This kind of bike focuses on helping toddlers find the best way to balance by themselves just before they learn to pedal a complete size bike.

Suitable for kids who are between 3 and 6 years, these types of bicycles also help to increase a youngster's ability to co-ordinate and then learn how to ride a bike confidently at a later stage.

The Kazam Balance Bike for kids is tailor-made to accommodate a young child and also has steering similar to a regular bicycle.

However the pedals and training wheels are not a part of this specific children's bicycle. This bike’s style includes foot rests that allows tots to go from a balancing bike onto a typical push bike easily.

Why Buy A Kazam Bike

The weight of this bike is around 10 pounds and the entire body is made from top quality metal. Added features of the balance bike include items like pneumatic rubber tires, a low stand over a raised foot rest to provide a youngster with comfort and flexibility whilst finding out how to balance with the bike.

A Kazam balance bike is amazingly light in weight and can be placed on a child’s stroller when the child is exhausted due to all their exercise. Another advantage of the bicycle is definitely the adjustable seat that can be heightened easily as per your child’s requirement with no additional tools.

People are really satisfied with the standard and the simplicity associated with the Kazam Balance Bike for children. Kids learn to balance on their own on the bicycle almost immediately and they are able to ride the bike with their feet firmly on the foot rests in just a few days.

The balance bike's seat height varies from the lower setting of 13 ½ inches up to its top setting of 16 ½ inches. This kind of bike gives kids the versatility to travel around the vicinity and also enables parents to take their kids out-of-doors, to places like the playground and just let them experience their environment.

If you are looking for the best balance bike, then then Kazam Balance Bike for children is the ideal transition bicycle from a baby tricycle to a child's very first fully functioning bike. Other types of bikes that you could choose to buy include the Strider balance bike or perhaps a wooden balance bike.


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