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Balance Bikes For Kids – Buy A Strider Balance Bike

Updated on April 10, 2011
Buy A Strider Balance Bike
Buy A Strider Balance Bike

Buy A Strider Balance Bike

If you are looking to find the most appropriate bike for your toddler, then consider the Strider Balance Bike for kids.

Ideal for children aged between one year and five years, the bike enables the child to learn co-ordination skills prior to pedaling.

Before teaching children to ride a bike it is necessary for parents to teach them to balance and co-ordinate their activities.

This is not available on tricycles and bikes with training wheels as these tend to focus on teaching the child how to pedal.

Any child who is able to walk can learn how to bike with the Strider Balance Bike. The child will initially hold the handles straddling the bike while walking without even sitting down on the bike’s seat. The child is perfectly balancing on the bike with the hands grabbing the handle and the feet firmly glued to the ground.

With the Strider bike, parents can take the child for an outing. The bike allows the child to explore more of his surroundings making him aware and alert about a wider world. Once the child becomes familiar with the bike, the child will sit down and try to pedal the bike while balancing on the two wheels.

The bike weighs less than seven pounds thus making it light for the toddler to manage. The bike is designed with Launch Pad foot rests for learning advanced riding techniques. Additionally the tires are puncture proof and can be used on all kinds of terrains and are available with 5/16 inch axles made with steel.

The design of the bike’s frame and handles are manufactured with welded steel that makes the bike last for a longer time. The bike comes with a handle bar that can be adjusted to suit toddlers between 30 inches and 44 inches in height. Additionally parents can opt for an extra long seat post with a saddle that offers more flexibility in adjusting the bike’s seat.

Biking is a passion and it is important for parents to help their kids develop this passion at an early age. Eliminating the risk of tripping over with a tricycle or the wobbling of the wheels, buying the best balance bike is the perfect way to groom the children on bike riding.


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