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Balance Bikes For Kids – Buy A Wooden Balance Bike For Your Child

Updated on March 14, 2011
Buy A Wooden Balance Bike For Kids
Buy A Wooden Balance Bike For Kids

Buy A Wooden Balance Bike

Generally known as balance bicycles or run bikes, a wooden balance push bike for youngsters provides little ones with the several very important skills that are necessary while learning to ride a bike. These types of balancing bicycles can be purchased without having pedals or kiddie training wheels yet still enable little children to understand the way to ride a bike by means of improving their balancing skills.

A wooden balance bicycle for kids allows children to walk or run with the bicycle simply by thrusting with their feet forwards on the ground as they are sitting down on the bicycle's seat. If ever the bicycle loses balance, a toddler will naturally avoid tipping over by simply halting their fall using their feet.

Choosing A Wooden Running Bike

After getting more comfortable with a balance bike and getting some impetus, a tot will be able to raise their feet as high as they like. Common push bikes that come with training wheels can provide little ones with a false sense of security while not truly training them how to really ride a bicycle.

What ever wooden balance bike you decide on, you can be assured that it's produced using the very best top quality elements. The tires are made using strong rubber and are supplied with an extra long tube valve. The handlebar grips are made out of rubber to provide children with a better hold on a bicycle. The wheels are designed without spokes thus doing away with the potential for the toddler's feet getting caught up in the wheel.

A number of bicycles are available with a special carry handle in its structure. The radius of the steering wheel is limited to minimize the possibility of a trip. The seat on a wooden balance bicycle for toddlers can be modified to many different levels commencing at around 13 inches to around 17 inches. This kind of bicycle is fantastic for children that are over two years of age and weigh up to sixty pounds.

So if you're looking for the best balance bike for your little one, you might want to consider purchasing one of the many wooden framed models that happen to be available to buy. Then again you may consider a metal bike like a Strider balance bike or perhaps a Kazam bike to name but two. All of these can be found in a variety of colors meaning you can find the perfect one that your little one would love the most.


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