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Best Bargains In Fifa 12 Ultimate Team

Updated on May 3, 2012

In this hub I will talk about good Fifa Ultimate Team players from outside the English Premier League, but if you want players from the Premier League then look here instead.

Martin Stekelenburg

An 85 rated keeper,one of the highest keeper ratings in all of Fifa 12, who can be got for anywhere between 2000-6000, which is very cheap compared to some goalkeepers such as Cech and Reina. When I've used him he's always been very reliable and made some good saves. Great reflexes.


Ultimate Team Bargain Rating: 6/10

Making another save
Making another save

Rafael Sobis

A skilful Brazilian striker, with decent pace and a good shot. He has 5 star skills which is always important in Fifa 12. He Costs less than 1000 and is definitely worth a try in a cheap brazil team. Great bargain.


Ultimate Team Bargain Rating: 7/10


Michel Bastos

The skilful Brazilian winger only costs around 2000 Ultimate Team coins, which is great for his stats: 83 overall, 86 pace, 83 dribbling, 83 shooting, 82 passing. Along with this, his freekick taking is amazing, great power and accuracy.

Lyon/Brazil/LM or LW

Ultimate Team Bargain Rating: 7.5/10

Running at the defence with pace
Running at the defence with pace


Brazilians always seem to be good in Fifa, but this one is very different to the other; he is not skilful, but is more in the John Terry mould, a tough tackling giant of a centre back. 6ft 4, 81 pace, very strong, great tackler. Around 1500 coins, well worth it.

Vasco Da Gama/Brazil/CB

Ultimate Team Bargain Rating: 6.5/10

On the ball
On the ball


A Russian striker who is only about 800-1000 coins. Has an 82 overall rating,as well as 87 pace and 82 shooting, which are the two most important skills for a fifa striker. One of the best Ultimate Team bargains available.


Ultimate Team Bargain Rating: 8.5/10

Kerzhakov celebrating one of his many goals
Kerzhakov celebrating one of his many goals

As you can see this is about good bargain signings from outside the English Premier League, but if you are looking for Premier League bargains then there is some here.

Who is your favourite bargain?

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    • profile image

      wibb1987 5 years ago

      i understand they wond do world cup or euro comps, also 5 a side as these would effect sales of their other games FIFA street, euro 2012 etc.

      But maybe a 'kickout' mode where its a for example 5-10 every man for himself against the goalie with one player eliminted each round after one goal first round, two goals second round etc. This would create something similar to what we played as kids having a kick about.