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Best Bargains In Fifa 12 Ultimate Team

Updated on May 3, 2015

In this hub I will talk about some good players on Fifa 12 Ultimate Team that are available for a good price. These are all Premier League players. If you are looking for non-Premier League bargains I have some in the link below.

Try the guides on the right- they actually work and have some great tips.

Shay Given

The Aston Villa keeper is about as good as the best 3 Premier League keepers in the world of Fifa 12, Petr Cech, Pepe Reina and Joe Hart, and yet costs about 2,000, whereas the other 3 are between 5-10,000.

He has great shot-stopping and positioning, although a lack of speed so not good if he's rushing off his line.

Aston Villa/Ireland/GK

Bargain Rating: 5/10


David Luiz

The Chelsea centre-back is one of the fastest in the Premier League, if not the whole of Fifa 12, and although his defense rating is not the highest, he is actually a very decent defender. I have him in my premier league team alongside Terry and he is brilliant. His price varies, but you can pick him up for anywhere between 1500- 4000 and he is well worth it.


Bargian Rating: 7/10

Kyle Walker

Another fast defender, with 93 pace he is one of the fastest players in the Premier League and the fastest Fifa right back. He is very cheap at about 1000 Ultimate Team coins and is a great choice for new Premier League teams that you are just starting.


Bargain Rating: 7.5/10

Cheick Tiote

If you have ever used Yaya Toure or Michael Essien then you will know what to expect with Tiote. He costs 1000-2000 UT coins compared to the more expensive two costing 20,000 and 8,000 respectively, and does a very similar job as a defensive midfielder, a 'destroyer' in front of the back four. He does not have the same shooting as the other two, but in most other aspects he is close to them, and worth getting even as a back up.

Newcastle/Ivory Coast/CM

Bargain Rating: 8/10

Gabriel Agbonlahor

Now you have probably heard of this guy a lot, and played against him, as he is one of the most popular players in all of Ultimate Team. The reason for this is he costs under 1000, and has insane pace and strength, making him hard to stop. Personally, in my 433 formation I have tried Tevez, Van Persie, Aguero, Dzeko, Hernandez, and Ba but every time I end up going back to him.

Aston Villa/England/ST

Bargain Rating: 10/10

Daniel Sturridge

A similar player to Agbonlahor, same price but with less pace and more strength. Definitely worth getting, maybe to play alongside each other.


Bargain Rating: 8.5/10

Romelu Lukaku

Basically a young, quick Drogba, so strong on the ball. Can be got for as low as 600-800. A great bargain. The thing with Fifa, and especially Fifa Ultimate Team, is that cheap players with pace are as effective as better players with less pace, so players like Lukaku, Sturridge and in particular Agbonlahor are very useful.


Bargain Rating: 8/10

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    • profile image

      mannytrannie 5 years ago

      One of the best players I've used is this colombian player named Quintero. He's very quick and has 5 star skills. Very very cheap.

    • BazzaBomb profile image

      BazzaBomb 5 years ago

      Nice work, I agree a lot with Given because he is my favorite Premier League keeper on a budget. Also, for another hub you could do the best bargains but from other leagues.

    • profile image

      LUULZ 5 years ago

      Roberto Carlos or Thierry Henry

    • profile image

      ?????? 5 years ago

      Come on! its all about dibrel cisse. he is a better sturidge because HE CAN SCORE.

    • profile image

      Arsenal Fan 5 years ago

      The best defender on the game (besides thiago silva) is definitely David Luiz. I find chicharito to be a solid cheap player up front. Another gem is the brazilian defender Dede.

    • profile image

      perse 5 years ago

      Ben Arfa

    • profile image

      Frank 5 years ago


    • jamiew12310 profile image

      jamiew12310 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot, I will! Any ideas on what i could do one on?

    • profile image

      Zuke 5 years ago

      Cool Page or what ever you want to call it. Should do more of these.