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Best Assassin Champions League of Legends

Updated on June 20, 2014

Assassins are extremely fun to play and very strong and killing key targets in team fights. If they are able to get a decent amount of farm they are a carries worst nightmare. There are many assassins to choose from and this guide will go into the best and strongest.


Ahri is a great champion and is really strong and moving in and out of fights and killing key targets. She has a lot of burst and one of the things that makes her really strong is her ability to pick off key targets quickly.

  • Make sure you land your taunts when playing Ahri. Her taunt is where most of her killing potential comes from so it is vital that you are able to hit it. Getting better at landing it comes with practice and comes over time.
  • Play cautiously when you do not have you ultimate. Ahri's ultimate is one of the best escaping abilities in the game. However, when she does not have this ability she is very vulnerable to getting killed.
  • Be careful of high crowd control teams. Teams with high crowd control can lock you down and kill you if they are smart. Try to use your dashes to dodge potential crowd control and stay alive.


Although Fizz is one of the hardest champions to play, he is one of the best assassins. He can easily burst people down and if he has a lot of farm it is easy to rack up a lot of kills and be terrifying late game. He does have a pretty high skill cap which means he might take longer for newer players or even more skilled players to master.

  • Practice laning and get really good at surviving in lane. It is very easy to get zoned or pushed out of lane with Fizz and the better you get at laning the more success you will have with Fizz.
  • Use his playful trickster to dodge key abilities. When you do this you are putting yourself way above the curve and in a great position to win trades. You can also use this ability to make clean escapes.
  • Make sure you land your ultimate. His ultimate is where an insane amount of damage comes from and landing it on a carry equals certain death.


Kassadin is and always will be a great assassin. He is one of the best assassins in League of Legends because he is able to dominate a lot of mages late game and set up a lot of kills in other lanes if he is fed. It really does not take much for Kassadin to start to snowball but you must be careful before you get your level 6.

  • If you get fed be sure that you try and set up kills in other lanes. The great thing about Kassadin is his ability to roam quickly around the map. Use this for your advantage and to pick up kills all around the map.
  • Be cautious of ganks before level 6. Before you have your ultimate you are extremely vulnerable. Make sure you play safe enough to survive, but not so safe that you are losing lane badly.
  • Work on your early laning. This is one of Kassadins worst weaknesses. If you can survive or even win lane you are in a really good spot to win the game.


Talon is really strong at taking down low health and low defense targets like carries. He has a lot of burst attack damage and can easily take down key targets if he is fed. Unlike some of these assassins his laning phase isn't as hard making him a strong counter pick against a lot of mids.

  • The good thing about attack damage assassins is their ability to sustain with life steal. This makes them really strong and less prone to getting pushed out of lane as the game progresses.
  • Try to set up plays in other lanes when playing Talon. He has a weaker late game if the enemy team builds armor which is why it is important that you try and stack up as many advantages as you can early.


Zed is a lot like Talon but he is a lot better in a few ways. He has an escape and his ultimate is a little bit stronger. Zed is pretty similar in that he is attack damage and can do fairly well in lane if played correctly.

  • Zed is really good at split pushing. Because he has a really good escape and good at fighting 1v1 duels he is great at split pushing. It can be hard to master split pushing but if you do it correctly you can win a lot of games.
  • Save your ultimate unless you have to use it for a kill. Zed has a pretty strong combo and you want to make sure that you do not waste your ultimate for anything short of a kill. If you waste it and they start a fight before you have it up again you are at a pretty big disadvantage.

Other Strong Assassins

  • Akali
  • Eve
  • Katarina
  • Kha ZIx
  • Leblanc
  • Rengar
  • Shaco
  • Irelia
  • Lee Sin

Who is your favorite Assassin?

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    • profile image

      John Cedric a. Ayson 

      3 years ago

      talon is strongest to me because he have strong ability I'm telling you talon have this ability see


      Mercy (Passive) Talon will deal additional damage with his auto attacks to champion under the influence of any crowd control effects.

      Cutthroat Talon leaps to selected enemy champion dealing damage and silencing them for short duration.

      Noxian Diplomacy Talon stabs an enemy, dealing heavy damage and leaving a trail of blood that can be used to track them.

      Rake Talon throws 3 blades in front of him that quickly return to him dealing damage in both directions. When hit, the enemy is slowed.

      Shadow Assault (Ultimate) Talon goes invisible for a short duration and gains additional movement speed during this time. As this occurs, blades fan out in every direction, forming a circle around him, dealing damage to anyone they pass through. After a few seconds or when Talon auto-attacks/uses an ability his stealth ends and sends all the blades back to Talon's location, once again damaging anyone they pass through.

    • profile image


      4 years ago


    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 

      5 years ago from Australia

      When it's not support I do love my assassin characters. Ahri and Kassadin are the two that I usually turn to.

      I'd love to learn Fizz because I think he's great but I haven't managed it yet.


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