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Black Ops 2: How Black Ops 2 Will Change Zombies

Updated on June 1, 2013
The original Black Ops zombies.
The original Black Ops zombies.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a forthcoming Treyarch developed and Activision published shooter game in the first person genre, which will be released on the 12 day of November 2012. This videogame is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms. Black Ops 2 is the ninth installment in the Call of Duty franchise and a sequel to the 2010 Black Ops video game.

Zombies are back!

It is in the news that Black Ops 2 will include zombies in the gameplay, and now, Activision and Treyarch has finally stopped their teasing on how they are going to incorporate the undead in this amazing shooter video game. Those avid fans who have already pre-ordered the Hardened Edition of Black Ops 2 or the Care Package will receive the Nuketown 2025 Zombies exclusive map.

Black Ops 2 will include 3 zombie modes

  • Tranzit will include the giant, big and expansive environment, which is significantly larger than anything ever created by Treyarch for solo to four players in the cooperative mode.
  • Survival mode will see gamers being attacked by zombies in an area in Tranzit world. The objective of the players is to hold off horde of zombies in a certain area and then go out to get bonuses that scatter throughout the area. Areas in the Survival mode are the same to the dedicated maps that have access to lots of areas that are designed for standalone section in the solo mode or in a four player cooperative session.
  • Grief mode is new in the video game as it will include 8 players and combines competitive elements with survival. Two four-player teams will be brought into the Tranzit world and they will fight to outlive one another. Players can’t kill one another but the system allows them to put their opponents in an unfavorable situation. This would be as Zombies vs. Humans vs. Humans scenario.

There are different strategies that players can do in order to approach the game as it is an open, have multiple locations provided in the Tranzit world where players can play as well as lots of areas that are infested by zombies. Tranzit world is a much bigger gaming environment with lot of things happening.

Zombies mode will also contain:

  • Stat Tracking – this shows the players how many of the undead they have already killed.
  • Leaderboards – this feature of the game is available for every zombie mode. The rankings in the zombie mode are going to be based on the maps.
  • Improved Matchmaking – This will match gamers faster compared before and that this systems can match gamers with skills that are similar in the zombie mode.
  • Custom Games – It allows players to create customized games and allow some settings where gamers will be provided with points which will coincide with your choice of round. Gamers can buy weapons, set challenges like Headshots Only, don't use Pack-a-Punch or turn off those magic items.

The zombie mode in Black Ops 2 will feature four new characters, one is a female and fans for the mode are developing the narrator of the game. Special zombies and normal zombies are also included this time.

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