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Black Ops Zombies Tips: How To Reach High Rounds

Updated on September 22, 2012

Black Ops Zombies is fun to play as a casual/stress relieving game. It doesn't take much to simply relax and not really pay much attention to what is going on around you, so long as you and your friends are having a good time.

However for those Black Ops Zombies players who are looking to play with strategy and tactics in mind, they may want to consider ending on some of the higher rounds from 70 upwards. With the different types of maps which come with Black ops zombies, it can be hard to set a list of tips which will work for each map, yet these tips will work with every zombies map, with a few tweaking to adjust to each one.

Play in teams of people that you already know.

One of the main problems players have when trying to go for the higher rounds is that they go into a random lobby match with complete strangers. Typically, these players aren’t the best around, and this can rally hinder your potential of doing well. So probably one of the most important tips here is to establish a good 2-3 other players who you can play with, that you know are real professional zombie killers.

As a plus, if you know the players beforehand, you can make communication easier between players by speaking through the microphone, and helping each other out. Black Ops Zombies requires that a team of players work as a team, yet many players forget this and try to perform as a one man army. This is not recommended, as if your team does not stick together, you will have a hard time reviving each other in the case that one of your team mates goes down.

Rank up as many points as you can.

In the first initial rounds, it is crucial that you rank up as many points as you can, by repairing windows, shooting the zombies as many times as you can in the leg without killing them and then finishing them off with a swift blow of your knife. This is the most effective way to rank up points in the initial rounds, as it maximises the amount of points you will get per zombie. However, in the later rounds your main concern will be trying to survive rather than maximise profit from each zombie, so as a tip, make sure that if you are looking for points, you gather up all the zombies in a massive huddle by running a train, and then spray into the hoard with a un-pack-a-punched gun.

The non-upgraded weapon will kill the zombies considerably slower, yet will also maximise points as you will need to fire more bullets into each zombie to kill them. For each shot fired into a zombie without killing him you gain 10 points, and 20 points with double points active.

Move at walking speed.

This tip may sound a bit strange at first, yet it is the of the core tips for your zombies success! If you run around the map whilst the zombies are still spawning, then you will find that they end up spawning in front of you and will surround you. Also they will not keep a consistent formation, and may catch you off guard. The most effective way of getting around the Black Ops Zombie maps, is to walk in a specific route to your location, so that the zombies gather in a group behind you, that you can control with ease.

From there you can either spray rounds of your gun into them, or if you don’t need points at your stage, you can use the various traps around the maps to kill them off. Especially, when you arrive at around round 50-60, when each zombie will take several full gun magazines to kill. But something that is useful to know, is that the traps will never stop being effective at killing the zombies which pass through them.

So once your guns stop being an effective method of killing the zombies, remember to always use the traps located around the map, and shoot at the zombies before they pass through them to get extra points!

Purchase all the Power-ups.

To make the zombies rounds easier and more manageable as the later rounds come along, you will want to purchase the various power-ups located around the map. The most important one is Jugger-nog, as this increases your maximum health capacity, and lets you take 6 hits from zombies before you go down, instead of just 2. This can be crucial for you to be able to get to the higher rounds as there are situations where you will be surrounded by zombies, as you will be hit twice before you can even react.

Another important power-up to purchase is “Speed Cola”, as this reduces your reload time and will help you in intensive situations when you are surrounded.

Leave at least 1-2 crawlers each round.

When you arrive at around round 10-20 you will need to start leaving one or two zombies behind as crawlers, before the round ends, so that you can have a quick break for killing masses of zombies, and do other things around the maps. If you are playing solo on a zombies map, you will want to repair windows for some extra points, and make sure that you have enough ammunition to last you the following round. You may also want to use this time to upgrade your weapons, and buy more from the mystery box.

As a note, occasionally after a while your crawler might spontaneously die for no apparent reason. That is why it is important to have around 2crawers at the same time, so that you have more time.

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I do not claim credit for this video, and all credit for this video belongs to Kpopp via.

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