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Black Ops Zombies: The Kino Der Toten Survival Guide!

Updated on October 20, 2012

Since the fifth instalment of the Call of Duty series 'World at War', zombies has become massively popular amongst Call of Duty players, and in Treyarchs most recent game Black Ops, new maps, guns and other features have been added to suit everyone's craving need for more zombie slaughtering action.

One of the maps which Black Ops has brought to the franchise is Kino Der Toten (Theatre of the damned), which is literally based in what seems to be a German Nazi Theatre, filled to the brim with swarms of zombies. It doesn't come as to any surprise that this is one of the most popular maps in Black Ops Zombies, as it's not only got a very interesting story behind it, but it is also a great map for racking up huge amounts of kills, and reaching impressive scores to show off to your friends with.

The Initial Rounds.

Depending on how many extra players you have playing with you, your role within your group will differ. I personally recommend that you attempt Kino Der Toten with 3-4 players, as you need as many people as possible guarding windows on this map. Especially, as the rounds progress, zombies will break-through much quicker, and in much greater quantities. However, that is not to say that Kino Der Toten cannot be played solo or with one other person, yet it is inevitably more challenging!

Regardless however, of how many people you may be fighting with, your main objective in the beginning rounds is to rack up as many points as you possibly can. This is so that you can purchase more equipment later on, and get a head start with achieving your high score. From rounds 1 to around 4, you are going to want to first knife the zombies, and then shoot them with your pistol until they die.

This is the most effective way of gaining points in the earlier rounds, as the zombies are easy to kill, and will not be coming at you rapidly or in large numbers. Therefore, you can take a little extra time with each one, to make sure that you gain as many points as possible.

I would suggest that by round 3 or 4 you purchase the m14 off the wall, as your pistol rounds will most likely have diminished by this time, and its effectiveness against the zombies will be futile. Also, with the m14, getting headshots on zombies becomes easier, and in later rounds when the zombies do start spawning a lot more heavily, the m14 can pull you out of some sticky situations.

Progression and Weapon Upgrades.

By rounds 5 to 6 you are going to start progressing through the Kino Der Toten map, and eventually try to find yourself at the map region of the map, which is the theatre itself. Once you arrive here you can turn on the power switch, which enables you to locate the mystery box, activate traps and purchase perks to enhance the quality of your character.

For your first perk of choice (once you have accessed the power switch and earned at least 2,500 points) should be 'Jugger-nog'. Jugger-nog not only means that it takes zombies double the amount of hits to kill you, but it also means that it will be easier for you to revive other team mates who happen to down at any time.

Once you have acquired Jugger-Nog, which is on the other side of the theatre from the stage itself, you should begin to look to both upgrade your weapons and purchase other perk-a-colas. To upgrade your weapon on choice, you need to activate the teleporter by turning on the power, and then equip your best weapon before you enter the teleporter and paying 5,000 points to have your weapon upgraded.

Different weapons have different features after having been upgraded, but two factors which tend to be the same for all weapons, is that your magazine size is larger, and your bullets do significantly more damage. This is crucial for being able to take down zombies at the later levels, as the will take more damage to kill, and will be attacking you in immense numbers.

Although before you upgrade any of your weapons, try your luck on the mystery box and see if you get a weapon such as the ray gun, as this is one of the best guns in game, and will almost definitely help you survive.

Surviving Until Much Later Rounds...

Once you have purchased your way through to the theatre itself, bought the necessary weapon upgrades as well as perks, this game mode becomes more and more about your ability to keep a good trail of zombies behind you and move intelligently.

The best thing you can do at this point is start walking/running in-between the objects on the stage, so that zombies accumulate behind you in a large group, to which you can fire into and gain lots of points. Some players call this the "kill train" or "r*** train", but it's simply running around in a certain course, and waiting for all the spawning zombies to gather behind you, so that you can lure them into the electric traps, and spray bullets into them.

If you are on the stage whilst trying to do this, you can use the teleporter to also kill off some of the swarm. The teleporters electric field will kill all zombies which try to enter it when you teleport, and this will help you advance into the really high rounds, when normal guns start being ineffective at killing.

Whilst this is a very easy way of getting to much higher rounds, there are going to be times where you accidentally take a wrong turn or a zombie may be blocking your path. This is why it is so important for you to have Jugger-nog, as well as some of the other perks such as double tap, so that you can survive for longer and not down when a random zombie spawns in front of you and the "trail".

A Great Video Demonstrating How To Successfully R*** Train.

All credit for the great video goes to The Relaxing End via. TheRelaxingEnd please feel free to check out his amazing videos!

A Few Final Notices.

  • Whilst there is a lot of skill needed to do well in Black Ops zombies, there is a great deal of luck involved especially when using the mystery box, as you are almost relying on it to provide a decent weapon, otherwise you will not be able to make it onto the higher rounds.
  • It is really important that when trying to survive in Black Ops zombies that you are paying attention to where the zombies are spawning from, and that you try to contain the zombies in one area at a time.
  • The maximum amount of zombies that can be following you at one time is 24, and once you've killed them all, they will begin respawning again.
  • The Thunder Gun, is going to become an almost compulsory weapon to have once you reach around round 35+, as zombies will take far too many bullets to kill for normal guns to be effective.
  • Whilst this guide is based on Kino Der Toten, this survival guide will work with other zombie maps such as "five" and even Moon. However, of course there is no stage in both of these maps, so you will have to find other areas to r*** train the zombies.


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    • profile image

      dss 4 years ago

      relax you

    • JakeFrost profile image

      Jake Frost 5 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      It's great that there's finally a hub like this, I have been trying so hard to merely scrap past level 2 at Kino Der Toten but always fail miserably. I will definitely remember all of your points the next time I attempt the zombie level. Useful hub!

    • profile image

      Josh Cawthorne 5 years ago

      Cool Post, Bro