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Black Ops 2: How to Get Diamond Camos Easy and Rank up Your Weapon FAST!

Updated on May 30, 2013

Aim for Head-shots.

When going for the Diamond camos in Black Ops 2, you need to be aware that since most of the guns you are using require a certain amount of headshots to complete their challenges, you should always be aiming to get as many headshots as possible. This not only means that you will generally kill other players quickly and therefore reduce the chance of being killed yourself, but it also means that you will get your gold camos far quicker too.

If you struggle to get headshots when playing Black Ops 2, there are a few things that you can do to improve your chances of getting them. One of the main tips is to always use a class that will reduce your recoil and help you aim more accurately.

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer PDW Submachine Gun.
Black Ops 2 Multiplayer PDW Submachine Gun.

Try not to Die.

Whilst this might seem a bit obvious, you should always try to not die when you are trying to get your diamond camos. Especially, since one of the main challenges is to get get 10 blood thirsty kill medals only using the specific gun you are trying to get gold. Remember, that each blood thirsty medal is worth 5 kills without dying, and therefore you need to make sure that you don't die when you are on a gun streak. For those who struggle to stay alive for long periods of time, or when on gun streaks, this challenge can be one of the hardest to achieve.

However, there are a couple of things that you can do to improve your chances of staying alive in game, and possibly getting higher scores because of it. To start, you have to understand that in no case should you ever try to run through the centre of the map, or in any open spaces for that matter. This is an almost guaranteed death sentence, and for many people it results in either losing a gun fight or losing a high killstreak. Therefore, as a rule, you should always stick to the outskirts of the map, and use a suppressor so that none of the enemy team mates know your exact location.

Another quite important thing to remember is your mindset when playing Black Ops 2. Your mindset should always be around making choices that limit the possibility of you dying, or the possibility of you losing out on one of your high killstreaks. For example, if you know that there are five people on the B flag, and if you throw a C4 at them you may have a chance at getting them, go for it! Although, if there are five people on the B flag, and you do not have a C4 or any easy means of killing them, then simply back off and take a good position to kill some of them. Chances are that by doing this you are far more likely to stay alive, and get your higher killstreaks as a result.

A screenshot of a game of Domination on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
A screenshot of a game of Domination on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Play An Objective Game-type.

One final thing that you can do when you are trying to go for headshots, is that you can play game-types and modes that you are personally most accustomed to. This means, that even if your preferred game-type is Search and Destroy, you should always play this game-type as it will prove the easiest to get your head-shots. Why? Simply because if you are playing a game-mode that you find difficult for whatever reason, not only are you concentrating on getting head-shots, but also trying to actually do well in the game-mode as well. So preferably you will only play game-modes that suit your play-style well so that you make it easy for yourself to get the head-shots.

Furthermore, if it's possible you should also try to play objective game-modes as they are easy to manipulate so that you can flank around your enemies, and get easy kills. This will prove effective as if you are behind an enemy (using a suppressor they will not hear you,and you can take some extra time on aligning your shot to their head. Without this extra time for aligning your shot properly, you are almost relying on luck that your aim will be directly on their head.

Remember, that when playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, your natural response to a person shooting you, will be to shoot them back by whatever means possible, and therefore you will not be too concerned about getting headshots. However, if you have the comfort of being silent and having have time to actually make your shot to their head, you will obviously do so.

The AN-94 Assault Rifle.
The AN-94 Assault Rifle.

Apply all of these tips to your current style.

By integrating all of the mentioned tips of this article into your game style, you will almost immediately notice a massive increase in the amount of head-shots that you are able to get when playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Remember that Black Ops 2 weapons do have quite a significant amount of recoil, and therefore can throw off your aim, even if it was initially directly at the head. For this reason, it is important that you get used to the gun that you are using and attach as many accuracy boosting perks to your weapon as possible.

A Video Giving Tips on Getting the Diamond and Gold Camos.

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    • drspaniel profile image

      drspaniel 4 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

      Thank you very much for your comment :)

    • KawikaChann profile image

      KawikaChann 4 years ago from Northwest, Hawaii, Anykine place

      Great tips - yes, avoid the middle and resist the temptation to jump into a crowd of opponents with guns blaring - cowboying. That's the easiest way to end your streak. Nice read - love the game! Upvoted/useful/follow. Peace. Kawi.