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Black Ops 2 Tips on Getting K9 Unit , Swarm , And other High ScoreStreaks ( BO2 )

Updated on May 6, 2013


In this guide I will teach you guys some tips and tricks that will show you how to get Swarms, K9 Units, Lodestars, VTOL Warships, and other HIGH Scorestreaks. I will talk about guns, perks, and play styles that will help get you these scorestreaks each game you play.

I will also attach a video of me getting 150 kill in a game, and also will attach a link to my Youtube Channel HERE!!!

Also comment below if you have your own setup that helps you get your high score streaks, and also let me know what your favorite scorestreaks set up is.

Play Style and Scorestreaks

When you are playing Black Ops 2, there are low end and high end scorestreaks. Before I get going, if you do not know the scorestreaks, or want to know what the price, and what each one does click on my guide " The score streaks, prices, and what they do"

When you are choosing the scorestreaks that you want to use, you need to choose and evaluate your play style first. Before I go into how to set classes up, let me talk about your play style, and what you should be doing to get your higher score streaks. When you are playing Black Ops 2, you need to look at your past performance, and decide what prevents you from not getting the scorestreaks that you want, and what you need to change.

If you like running around a lot like I do, then try to focus on sticking to the sides of the map, or running up against the side of buildings, rocks, or objects that way you are hidden, or have some cover fire from the enemy. If you run right down the middle of the map this opens you up for snipers, and campers from anywhere, but sticking close to objects will help provide more cover fire for your character.

Next look at whether or not you die a lot. If so, then evaluate how you die. If it is by a lot of scorestreaks consider putting on blind eye, if it is by a lot of explosives in core/hardcore, then think about putting on Flak Jacket to protect yourself. Think about making small changes in order to make yourself more protected from the enemy.

If you die a lot because the enemy is picking you off from a distance, or because your reaction time is behind the people you play against, then think about slowing your gameplay down a step. If your reaction time is slower, then do not be a player that constantly rushes to the other side of the map. Slowly make your way around the map, and focus on looking at places where the enemy typically comes from. This will give you a significantly higher advantage at taking out enemy forces, and getting those higher scorestreaks.

Notice I haven't talked about camping. Personally I do not think camping is a good strategy for two reasons. First I despise campers, and enjoy tubing campers out of their locations. But also because even the best campers tend to take a while to get high scorestreaks. I have had games where I can achieve dogs, and swarm within a couple minutes of the game starting, but campers sometimes take an entire game to achieve these types of score streaks, so I feel that while it may boost your K/d, or guarantee you these higher scorestreaks, that this is not an effectiv eplay style to help you.

How to set up your classes

When you are going to set classes up there are a few things you should pay attention to. As I said above you should evaluate why you die so often, and make changes in that sense, but also look at your guns.

If one problem you are having is you use a skorpion or sub machine gun, and rapid fire, and run out of ammo throughout the game, then make sure you put scavenger on. Scavenger is essential to anyone who is attempting to survive for a long time and get high scorestreaks.

Also, please make sure you don't use things on your classes, that you don't use in game. FOR INSTANCE IF you do not throw a lot of grenades, then you do not need the danger close wild card that gives you two primary explosives. OR if you rarely use your pistol, then do not have a pistol with two attachments on your class.. If you die a lot, then I suggest not using a secondary at all. This is simply going to take up a lot of space that is crucial to helping you.

So when you set up your classes I suggest using things that are important that will help you in game.

IF I am using a silenced weapon and going stealth mode, then I will use Ghost, Scavenger, Engineer, Semtex, EMP Grenade, and a couple attachments on my gun, and usually Hardline as well. This will ensure that I am stealthy moving around the map, and will also help me stay effective with hardline.

If you are going for the higher scorestreaks than obviously you should use hardline. This gives you a clear advantage when trying to get the an AGR , Stealth Chopper , or other higher score streaks.

Don't use stupid Scorestreaks

Remember to use the scorestreaks that fit your game mode, and be practical. IF you are playing team deathmatch, then obviously it is not smart to use VTOL, K9, and swarm... Remember that higher scorestreaks are more effective on objective based game modes, and smaller maps, where you can easily get the kills, and score required to get those scorestreaks. This may mean that you have to change your game style, and game preference, but if you are looking to get the higher score streaks, then you will need to do what it takes in order to get the K9, and Swarm. They are not difficult to get, and with practice you can learn the secrets of any game mode.

Also Remember to play smart.. Setting classes up for the right game modes is really important, and I cannot stress that enough. I have seen plenty of times, people putting tac insertions down in search and destroy, because they set their class up wrong, so PLEASE, pay attention prior to the game, and do the same with your score streaks.

Video of me on Hijacked with 148 kills


Overall remember to be realistic. Start out small, and change your game style and adjust things as you get better. No body can become an expert overnight, and it takes a lot of practice and hours of game play to get high scorestreaks over and over. I have over 15 days of game play, and I still have bad games.. So remember to take it slow, and remember that it is just a game. Also if you enjoyed the guide please comment below, and check out my Youtube channel which has a lot of different videos for game modes, zombies, and commentary for Call of Duty updates.


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