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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 BEST Scorestreaks to use ( Kill Streaks ) ( BO2 )

Updated on December 12, 2012


In this guide I will talk about which of the Score Streaks are the best for you to use on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I will talk about the fails, and the best, and which ones will best suit your gameplay style.

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What are ScoreStreaks

Score streaks are the new implementation of kill streaks that Treyarch added to help those players that were not able to get higher kill streaks an extra boost to get the score streaks. There are a lot more score streaks that have been added to the game, and to find a list of the score streaks in the game, what they do, and the point value needed you can go HERE .

The best cheap Score Streaks

I am going to break this down into two sections, cheap and expensive score streaks.. Cheap ones will include low point value score streaks, and the expensive ones will include those that cost over 1000 points..

So, Let me talk about the first one.. The hunter Killer. This is usually a guarantee 100% kill in hardcore, and even in core will typically guarantee you a kill.. Once you learn the tricks, you can dodge them, but overall these are a great way for a free kill..

The UAV.. These are EXTREMELY useful in Black Ops 2. Mainly because of the difficulty of getting ghost, and even with ghost you are not always able to be hidden from the radar.. So personally I think UAV's are a great way for you to get free kills.

The Death Machine.. This is a great weapon that will always guarantee you some free kills. This is not one of the best scorestreaks on Hardcore, but on Core it will give you extra precision with the on screen sights that will give you a boost in the game. These are very useful, but only suggested for core.

Guardian.. These are very useful. ESPECIALLY on Hardcore.. This is because it does not take much for you to kill someone with one of these on hardcore. They are great tools, and will help you get further in objective based games..

Care package.. This is a score streak that is A LOT of fun. You always take a shot and with the engineer perk you can flip the care package and increase your chance of getting something great. This is a great way for you to get helicopters, and the other score streaks that are not worth getting with straight points.

The Worst cheap score streaks

Okay so this I will try to keep short so I can get to the good expensive score streaks..

The hellstorm missile, and Lightning strike. These used to be fun when the game first came out, but on Hardcore especially they are getting trickier to use. And to be honest I used to be able to pull 2-4 kills on each of these now I have trouble sometimes getting 1.

The sentry gun.. This is good like the guardian, BUT unless you are controlling it, a lot of players wear blind eye now, and will not be hurt by the sentry gun, therefore it is not effective.

The Stealth Chopper.. A lot of players have equipment now to shoot down score streaks, so to be honest I do not see the benefit anymore in people using this score streaks. They are fun, and will get kills, but can easily be shot down, so I don't use them anymore.

War machine, and Dragonfire.. These I put together because if the user knows how to use them, then they will be able to have success with them. BUT at the same time these are fairly tough to use, and will not be effective for those who are not used to them.. Not to mention you can get these in care packages and are really not worth using as your score streak.

The Best Expensive Score Streaks

K9 Unit.. These are cool, tough to get, but will be worth getting for you.. Plus then you get to see those shepherds running around the map..

VTOL Warship.. Once again this is a cool score streak to use..Be careful on hardcore for your teammates.. BUT overall this is a very cool score streak to use. This will be very effective and typically get you a lot of kills.

LODESTAR... This is very effective on both hardcore and core.. This will get you a decent amount of kills if you know how to use it.. And will be very effective. This is a very good score streak.

The Swarm as well. The swarm is a very cool, effective kill streak, that if you can manage the kills I would suggest using this..

Keep in mind that the easiest way for you to get all these score streaks is to get them in a care package. This is fairly easy, and you will get these more often now, than you used to. I have used each of these, but now on objective games, I just use lower score streaks, so I can focus more on getting my team a win than focusing on getting those scorestreaks.

The worst Expensive Score Streaks.

First off the Warthog.. This is cool IF people are not using blind eye, but in my opinion I haven't seen enough people not using blind eye to make it worth using.

EMP System.. Don't use this.. Get it in a care package if anything, but since you have emp grenades this is not effective, and will not be worth using.. I don't like this scorestreak especially for over 1000 points..

Orbital VSAT.. Okay so this isn't quite 1000 points but I still consider it very expensive for what it does. I suggest using a care package and getting this that way..

How to set up your class

The best score streaks to honestly use are the cheap ones.. If you really want to go for those high score streaks, throw on care package..The Care package will allow you to have the best luck with getting the high care packages, and I would even go further to say use engineer, this will allow you to flip care packages, and also allow you to not run into enemy equipment or score streaks.

Best Scorestreaks for Objective based games..

If you are going to be playing objective based games keep your score streaks fairly simple. Remember that you are going for objectives not camping for kills. So remember that you need to use score streaks that you will be able to acquire. This is why I suggest using care packages because while most times it is a bust, if you flip it, you can usually get something that will offer some kills.

Best Score Streaks for Kill Based Games

There are plenty of score streaks for this game mode you can use, but I will suggest you using score streaks based off of your skill level. The higher your skill level, then the higher the score streaks you can try. But if you are still a beginner, then stick to those low end score streaks.


Overall in this guide you should pay attention to your own skill level when choosing score streaks.. Don't go for the big score streaks if your skill level is not good enough to get them. Just focus on having fun and things will come over time.


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