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Black Ops Zombies "FIVE" Pentagon Power Switch Location

Updated on January 27, 2011

Five, is the zombie map available for Call Of Duty Black Ops. This map is unlocked by completing the campaign,however, you can (unlock it) another way. This map is quite confusing, just like the Kino Der Toten map. In a nutshell, this map is composed of three distinct levels or floors. Remember that so you do not get confused. You will not be able to use any perk machines, def con switches, teleporters, or much else until the power is turned on. The power is located on the bottom level of the map. This is called the labs. The labs have many rooms within it. The power is located within one of these rooms. To access this, you will need to make your way down all the floors. You can not go all the way down at the start because you need to make money first.

Total cost: $4250 to make it to power switch

First, you will spawn at the top level. There are two doors located on the side. Opening one of them will automatically open both. This costs 750. Once you open these doors, proceed down the hallway until you see an elevator. There is a barricade in front of the elevator that costs 1000 points to go inside. To actually use the elevator, press the switch which costs 250.(costs money every time) Your now on the next floor/level. This has balconies at the top, and a floor with computers below. Go down the stairs from either side. There is yet another barricade which costs 1000 points. Once you open that, go to the left until you see another barricade in front of an elevator. This is a much large elevator(freight elevator).This costs 1000 points. Using the elevator costs 250.


The Labs (Bottom Floor)

The large elevator takes you to the labs. This is a huge level with tons of rooms in it. All of them need to be unlocked to access, except the power switch. Go down the hallway until you see a room labeled with a 3. This room houses the power switch. This should not be hard to find if you find the number. Turn on the power switch. This now activates all the teleporters on the map. These teleporters will randomly teleport you to other locations within the map. The power also activates the perk machines, and def con switches.

Total cost to reach power 750+1000+250+1000+1000+250= 4250

Tips on turning on power, well accessing it.

Turning on the switch is easy, however, accessing it takes a while. You need to stay in the main room where you spawn for a while. Take out the zombies guarding the barricades. You can also go to the first elevator with your team and defend there. This lets you take out zombies easier. Staying up top to long is not a good idea though. Stay there for 4-6 rounds, then use the elevator.

The middle floor with the balconies is also a decent place to hold out for a while. This allows you to get enough money to open the barricades afterward. There are 4 barricades at the top level of the 2nd floor(or middle). If your playing with four players, this allows each player to defend one set window. Once have enough money, proceed down and open the barricades and go down to the power switch.

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    • profile image

      nruhinaforev 5 years ago

      i did this by round three

    • profile image

      mexicanmaniacspĂ w 555 5 years ago

      Where is the box at in five I can't find it:D

    • profile image

      jkgamefreak 5 years ago

      thx :D

    • profile image

      khalid 6 years ago


    • profile image

      ChubbyNelson264 6 years ago

      I'm trying to do the achievement where you make it onto defcon 5 and go into the packapunch room but its taking longer then expected, And i made it onto round 40 on solo with 186,789 points :D

    • profile image

      ***************** 6 years ago

      Me and my neighbour find it hard 2 find da switch in FIVE can someone.giv direct info on were is da switch in 5 P*L*Z

    • profile image

      femanon 6 years ago

      These comments make me cringe. You want to get out of the main room at lvl 4 and hold in front of the elevator. Then around 6, when you have the points, make a crawler(the last zombie in the round, you grenade it or otherwise remove it's legs so it is slow crawling on the floor) and head for the basement(very bottom floor), turn on the power, get weapons from the random bin. Then head back to the top, only going down during breaks(having a crawler) as in power punching, perks, getting weapons. Personally believe in front of the elevator is a good place to hold with 2+ players, everywhere else is difficult to retreat when sh*t starts hitting the fan.

    • profile image

      metalmethod357 6 years ago

      Thanks for da tipz spent ages tryin to find da powa now i's found it yay

    • profile image

      Rachel 6 years ago

      Girly person~your post realm helped. It helped my. Outfield get to the power switch with no problems.

    • profile image

      cozonator 6 years ago

      i got ta round 21 my self on five and 62 with four players

      and kino 87 with four and 43 by myself

    • profile image

      None ofyourr business 6 years ago

      Hello I found this site very useful for my mom's boyfriend and my brother thank you very much I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    • profile image

      smellypit4567 6 years ago

      i suc 2 i can only get 2 like level 7

    • profile image

      Bob 6 years ago

      For the monster hold a grenade when he is about to take your guns hell take it and blow up

    • profile image

      nacho 6 years ago

      yea well i suck i only get up to round 7 or 8.

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      If you do enough damage to him, you can kill him. Then you'll get your gun back.

      However, if you don't kill him, he eventually goes away, but if he stole one of your guns, you won't get it back at the end...

      Perhaps I should make a hub about taking the doctor down..

    • smanty profile image

      smanty 7 years ago

      I have played this map a bunch of times with my brother and we both find it very easy to reach it to the power switch, but once it is on, we have some trouble. There is a doctor that runs around, instead of dogs, who, if hit, will take your gun. Is there any way to get by him?

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      @ dsmyth, I mainly only play Black Ops for zombies too lol. Multiplayer is good, but not as good as Modern Warfare 2 in my opinion.

      Treyarch made Black ops and World at War. Their not the main developers, infinity ward is. This is probobly why some people like the modern warfares better. The downside to them is that there won't ever be zombies because it was not infinity ward who invented zombie mode, it was treyarch.

      I don't think infinity ward would be even allowed to have a zombie mode. Not sure though.

    • dsmythe profile image

      dsmythe 7 years ago

      @jordano A crawler is a zombie who you isn't completely dead. Like when you throw a grenade and it blows off their limbs and they just just crawl to try to kill you.

      This map is super hard and is too narrow. I've only gotten to level 11 on "five." I like to play Kino Der Toten cause you have more room to move around. I love how you can never beat this game you just try to survive as long as you can. I think I got to level 35. They key to this game is stacking up points. Once you die in the later levels and don't have enough points to get the jugger nog there's no point cause 2 swipes from a zombie will kill you.

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Yeah that scientist can be a big game stopper if he manages to steal one of your weapons. At least he can not kill you though..

    • profile image

      Ray-feezie 7 years ago

      Me and a buddy got pretty far on this map just by running around aimlessly. We definitely got lucky because our subsequent attempts got worse and worse. It was that dang scientist, he gets ya every time.

    • profile image

      rubba bam man 7 years ago

      me and my dad stayed up and we NEVER got the power on we got automatic guns and then when the hounds came we were done cuz day just come up and then they kill us please where is a flamethrower

    • profile image

      jordano 7 years ago

      Sorry.what's a CRAWLER?

    • profile image

      focker 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Cleve 7 years ago

      cheers for the tips XD

    • profile image

      papa 7 years ago

      @fred it also work at pc and also ps3 it is also an achievement

    • profile image

      fredfredburger 7 years ago

      you do know that you don't have to complete the campaign to get the zombie map "Five." all you have to do is at the main menu, get out of the torture chair (it is an achievement for xbox) and go around the TV that had the main menu. you should see a computer. go to it and "log on." then type in 3ARC UNLOCK. then press enter. it should say cheat enabled right underneath it.

    • profile image

      younghustle 7 years ago

      shortsstainr420, i don't like poodles, how ever good day 2 u2

    • profile image

      shortsstainr420?  7 years ago

      Attn all, wassssaaappppp ? i did this in about 20 minutes makin it to about round 12 before we got to the bottom. Just wanted to let you know that, i also love poodles... but not really. good DAY sirs and mams

    • profile image

      cadillac70 7 years ago

      attn HUSKY LOVER 101, you are a fucking looser! girly person was just letting us know what she did to turn on the power switch! i appreciatted it since i have a life and don't live on my game system!!! go out and get laid, you idiot.

    • profile image

      husky lover 101 7 years ago

      ok so ya you and your dad stayed up all NIGHT trying to find the power switch and all but can you cant play black ops with out going through all that stuff so don't

      think your so great at the game cuz i played 10 round with only 2 other players that sucked but youy don see me braggen

    • profile image

      girly person 7 years ago

      me and my dad stayed up all nite trying to play and turn on the power.We had to go through a guy who takes are guns after we punched them up and finaly found the dooor marked 3 with blood on the bottom.There were a lot of zombeis when we killed the crawler that was in there befor us.We were so happy once we found that switch.p.s it took 2 weeks of trying good luck