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Boss Fight: Dead Rising 2: Day 2 Psychopaths

Updated on March 19, 2012

The Day 1 Psychopaths are pushing up daisies, but there's far more craziness to be had in Fortune City. If you thought Day 1 was mad, you haven't seen anything yet.

What I use to fight Psychopaths:
- Defiler (Sledge Hammer + Fire Axe)
- Knife Gloves (Boxing Gloves + Bowie Knife)

Brent Ernst
Reason: Zombies killed his "girl"
Time Start: Day 2, 12:00PM
Message: "Everyone Knows Slappy"
Survivors: None

To start this fight, examine the dead body outside of "Kid's Choice Clothing" located in East Palisades Mall, 2nd Floor. The cutscene begins with Chuck looking at a dead Louise Anderson. Then, Brent Ernst rolls up still in his mascot costume. He blames Chuck because he started the Outbreak that killed his date.

He is a very mobile psychopath as he rolls on a pair of roller skates and wields two flamethrowers. You can't fight him like a normal Psychopath, you need a little extra help. Before the fight, go inside "Kid's Choice Clothing" and pick up a Water Gun. Arrange your weapons, so you have the Water Gun, Defiler, Knife Gloves next to each other, you can have them in reverse order in your inventory, just remember what button you need to press to switch weapons.

When the fight starts, he will be coming at you fast. Spray him with the Water Gun, he will stand still trying to get his guns to fire. This gives you 3-5 seconds to switch to the Defiler, perform the Jump Attack to knock him on his back and do some hits with the Knife Gloves.

If you see his flamethrowers spark up again, Dodge Roll away because he will perform his 360 Degree Spin Attack that hits if you're close by. Afterwards, he will be stunned for a second that you can hit with a Defiler Jump Attack if you're fast enough.

If you allow him to pass around spraying with his flamethrower, he will stop and shoot some fireballs your way that knock you off your feet if they hit. However if you do ths strategy I've laid out, then you won't see him perform this attack.

Get the death cutscene and I have two words to say: POP UP!

Randy Tugman
Reason: What's to have sex and needs to be married to do so.
Time Start: Day 2, 5:00 PM
Message: "Here Comes The Groom"
Survivors: Danni

The "Swept Away" Chapel in the Silver Strip is unlocked with this message. This sick-looking pervert is forcing a woman to marry him or be killed by his giant chainsaw. You interrupt the wedding before the "I do's" and he kills the pastor, who happens to be his father.

The main part of this strategy is to run and wear him out. There are two sets of pews with a mini-wall on the outer side. This divider is key in this fight. You have to jump over the divider as Randy comes at you with the chainsaw. When he attacks, he will spin his whole body around with the chainsaw in a staggering circle, so don't stand too close to the divider for risk of being hit anyway. It may take some practice for the rotation and he does hit very hard for a psychopath.

You have to keep jumping over the divider and wait for Randy to clench his chest and catch his breath, Defiler Jump Attack and Dodge Roll to avoid retaliation. Get some distance and jump over the divider. Wait for him to approach around the corner and jump to the other side of the divider.

This is longer than your average Psychopath fight for you're mostly keeping away from Randy waiting for him to hyperventilate and get one strike per chance.

After the fight, enjoy what happens to Randy. Kill the zombie in the room and rescue Danni.

The Strategy I used for Crystal and Amber are discussed in Case 4.

Carl Schliff
Reason: Workaholic Mailman blames Chuck for ruining his life
Time Start: Day 2, 11:00 PM
Message: "Mail Order Zombrex"
Survivors: None

After Crystal and Amber are dead, you get the message. You have to examine the Mail Cart parked in the Royal Flush Plaza several feet from the entrance leading to the Safe House. The cutscene starts with Carl needing a signature for a Zombrex package. When he sees your name on the signature, he gives you a mail bomb that you promptly throw...into the back of his Mail Cart. He loses all the mail he was supposed to deliver and now wants revenge.

In terms of Psychopath Fights, this isn't all too hard. He shoots with his shotgun, melees with the gun, and throws mail bombs over his shoulder as he runs away.

To avoid his shotgun, run around him while keeping some distance away. After three bursts, you are free to Defiler Jump Attack him and Dodge Roll to avoid retaliation. He will try to hit with the shotgun, which is his reset attack(He won't stop until several seconds pass or hits you with the gun). He will run away, throwing the mail bomb. Run in the opposite direction of him for the mail bomb is an actual object and can stop you if you're hit. Catch up to him and repeat.

After the fight, you take the Zombrex saying it is for your daughter. He decides to authorize the signature before taking his own life. This is the one of the seven Free Zombrex in the game.


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