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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: Case 4

Updated on July 26, 2011

On this edition of Walkthrough, we take a look at Case Four in Dead Rising 2. After foiling TK's plans, Chuck is invited to meet Rebecca's source who hopes to have the answers leading to clearing his name. However...

Day 2, 11:00 PM. Unlike most Case Files, this one requires you to be at the Shoal Nightclub in the Yucatan Casino at this time. When you arrive, Chuck is surprised that the Crystal and Amber, TK's showgirls, arrive. They have Rebecca tied up and throw her to the floor. The pair are wielding the weirdest-looking katanas I've ever seen. They want Chuck dead to keep him silent about the Outbreak as the blame is still pinned on him.

This is one of the more annoying Psychopath Fights. With all Psychopath Fights, bring your weapons and food, I prefer Defiler as the jump attack allows you to hit and quickly Dodge Roll away. The pair doesn't do much damage, but they're two of them. They perform different attacks when they get close to you.

- Slide Attack - Crystal or Amber will slide on their knees toward you and slice diagonally upward. Jumping should be enough to dodge this attack.
- Spin Attack - They will spin around with the katana and perform a double spinning slice. Dodge Roll very quickly to avoid.
- Flip Attack - Doing two forward cartwheels, they jump up and slice down. Simply walking away should be enough to dodge.

Upside to this battle. If they fail to hit you, they will botch their landing, giving you the time to attack and dodge before they can retaliate. After performing an attack(successful or not), they will run around the nightclub, giving you time to eat/drink and replenish your health. Even though they're two of them, you only need to kill one to end the fight.

Once the fight is over, the other one will kill herself and you free Rebecca. She overheard them talking about TK escaping on another chopper at sunset. She will meet you on the Safe House Roof around sunset to look for the helicopter. This brings the fourth case to a close.

You should get the free Zombrex from the Yucatan now. To get it, climb you the central structure to the top where it will be alongside a LMG, you will need to jump to get to that platform.

Case 5 will be next time.


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