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Buy Lego Ninjago Characters, Spinners, Cards Online Barcodes Here

Updated on February 4, 2013

If you are looking to buy Lego Ninjago characters, spinners, cards or starter sets online then you are in the right place. Here we will have a look at the main Lego Ninjago characters and see how exactly you can buy them. We will also look at a few other products available in the Lego Ninjago range. If you want to buy Lego Ninjago toys, then look no further.

Lego Ninjago is the next big think in children’s interactive toys. These toys came out at the start of 2011 and look like they are going to take the world by storm. For more information on Lego Ninjago, some of the Ninjago sets you can buy and a general guide to the product you can click here for more information. Here though we will take a look at the main characters of Lego Ninjago.

Buy The Characters

Lego Ninjago Characters

There are six main ninja characters in the set. Each one comes with their own personal spinner, three special weapons, a character card and four battle cards. Basically when you buy one of these you get everything that belongs to that individual character.

Kai - The Ninja of Fire! Kai’s weapon of choice is the sword, he is red in color and his main strength is attack. Kai is fast of the mark and always quick to react to a threat, he often seeks out a fight and is ready for anything. Kai is one of the more aggressive Ninjago characters.

Zane - The Ice Ninja. Zane is white and his weapon of choice is the shuriken. His main strength is in his stealth. This ninja relies on his sixth sense and can always sense impending danger, he is quick into battle but wary. A cautious ninja but very brave.

Cole - The Ninja of Earth. Cole is black and his weapon of choice is the staff, he relies on his defensive skills and is always ready to block an attack. Seen as the leader of the Ninjago force Cole is a solid warrior who can always be relied on.

Krazi - A dark warrior with the power of the black lightening. Krazi is a deadly force and someone not to be messed with. Wild and incredibly fast, Krazi will take advantage of any opportunity to defeat his mortal enemies.

Bonezai - An evil force using the power of black ice. This character has a cold and wicked heart and seeks to destroy all that is good. His fast moves and his powerful weapons are a match for any ninja.

Chopov - Chopov’s main weapon is his brute strength and power. Build like an ox this warrior can destroy any who stand in his way, to defeat this character you must be fast and take your chance.

Basically the six characters are split down the middle. The first three are the noble Ninjago ninja warriors and the next three are the evil Spinjitzu masters. There are other characters in the series and these can be found in the larger sets that are for sale.

Spinners & Cards

Each Lego Ninjago character has a spinner and his own personal card. The Ninjago warrior is placed on top of their spinner to do battle. The cards also feature in the battle between the lego pieces. If you buy the starter set this is a good place to start as you get a few characters as well as spinners and cards. These are ideal if you are just starting out buying the Lego Ninjago toys.

There are also some larger Lego Ninjago toys available. These are a bit more traditional and take time to build up. Of course as with most lego you don’t have to build what you see on the box, the bricks can be used to build just about anything your child’s imagination allows. The larger sets also come with characters, spinners and cards.

Lego Ninjago really is a great toy. It’s still early days in the series but no doubt if these toys catch on there will be more Lego Ninjago toys brought out along with more characters, more spinners and more cards. It looks as though Lego Ninjago may be here to stay so you may as well embrace it with your children and get buying some of these brilliant toys!


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    • profile image

      Nont 6 years ago

      I am the friends of Lego seller because I buy lots of them in one week and it great

    • profile image

      iron fish 6 years ago

      want just fire dragon

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi andyoz thank you for sharing this i have not heard about this Lego toy. But Lego has so many sets it is hard to keep track of news ones coming out.

      Great hub!!!