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New Lego Ninjago Spinners For 2012 - Release Dates, Prices

Updated on February 4, 2013

On this page we are going to review the brand new Lego Ninjago spinners for 2012. We will take a look at Ninjago spinners release dates, prices, pictures and of course tell you which new sets are to be released by Lego. If you are wondering which new Ninjago spinners you will be able to get your hands on in 2012, this page will give you all the information you need.

Lego Ninjago was first released in 2011 and immediately became a massive seller for the company. Due to the success of these toys Lego are bringing out all new sets in 2012. As well as new sets we are also going to see 6 new spinners come out. These will be released in early 2012 and will be sold in individual packs. So now let’s tell you a little bit more about these spinners.

New Spinners

New Spinners For 2012

One of the reasons that Ninjago is so popular with children the world over is the fact that it is interactive. You can play a game within the game with these toys and play battles against other children. To do this you can use Ninjago cards, spinners and even specially built arenas. Due to this, one of the popular smaller toys that Lego sell are known as spinners. To keep people interested Lego are releasing a new line of these and we will be getting six new spinners in 2012. The prices are expected to be around $10.

So the new spinners are going to be Kai ZX, this will feature Kai with his dragon sword, a staff and a spear with three points. Next up is Lasha, this spinner features a flail, a golden axe and a snake whip. Then there is Kendo Zane who has a grey axe, a black and gold ninja weapon and a katana. Then another snake person, Snappa. Snappa will have a sword, a tooth staff and a gold spear. Samurai X will have a spear, sword and gold katana. It is thought that Samurai X is actually Nya. Last but by no means least is Fang-Suei who will come with a gold weapon.

Each of these new Ninjago spinners will also have a set of cards with the and of course the minifigure. They come in pretty basic packaging which will keep the prices down. These new spinners will no doubt give fans of the series plenty more toys to enjoy.

Buy The New Spinners Online

More Ninjago Sets

The fact is that Lego are not only releasing new spinners. They will also be releasing six new Ninjago sets from the range, a new starter set and some new booster packs. It is not yet clear when all these will be released and Lego will no doubt make more announcements on the subject nearer to the time.

Some of the larger Ninjago toys do look very impressive. The largest new set to be released is going to be called Destiny’s Bounty and this will be the new home of the snake people, who are basically the new bad guys for 2012. There are also some new vehicles that are going to be released, some of these are in the form of serpents and really do look very impressive. Jay, Kai and Cole also all get themselves new vehicles which children and adults alike will be able to build up and enjoy.

Lego Ninjago really is an impressive range of toys. There are some really nice sets to come out of this range and the new ones for 2012 are a very good example of that. The six new spinners we are going to see will also be hotly anticipated and children will no doubt be eager to snap them up on release. If you have any Ninjago toys or even if you have never seen any of these, chances are you will really enjoy this exciting range of toys that Lego have produced.


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      memo 6 years ago

      sorry to coreect you but the thing is that destinys bounty is actually the ninjas new headquarters because the dojo was burned