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Willow Tree Nativity Set and Figurines - Best Discount Prices

Updated on June 29, 2012

A Willow Tree Nativity Shopping Guide

If you are ready to buy, this Willow Tree Nativity Shopping Guide will save you the tedious effort of searching thousands of search results by giving you the direct links to the best prices and selections of Willow Tree Nativity sets and Willow Tree Figurines designed by Susan Lordi.

Shop where the smart collectibles shoppers do and get the best prices and selection available online.

Just check out some of these examples, (on the right and below), to see some of the great deals you can find.

And you can shop with confidence! ebay strives to make your buying experience as safe and exciting as any you would make at your favorite local gift shop.Their guaranteed "Buyer's Protection" plan, and "Top-rated Sellers" program make sure your purchases are safe and secure.

Official Willow Tree Nativity Sets by Susan Lordi

Always check the listings to make sure you are buying Official Willow Tree Nativity Sets by Susan Lordi. The Willow Tree figures will have"Susan Lordi" with a date carved on each figure.

As mentioned above, ebay's Buyer Protection plan guarantees that your purchase of a Willow Tree figurine is just what you expected it to be, and arrives in your hands safe and sound in a timely manner.

The listings on the right are for complete Willow Tree Nativity Sets or scenes, but there are individual Willow Tree figures listed below.

Willow Tree figurines are a great gift idea for any special occasion, but a Willow Tree Nativity scene is especially nice as a wedding present.

ps. you can also see specific Willow Tree figures by using the search bar at the top of any of these link pages.

Complete Willow Tree Nativity Sets

Want to get it all at once, or starting your Willow Tree Nativity collection from scratch? Check out these ebay listings, below, for complete nativity scenes.

Remember, some Willow Tree Nativity listings may be one-time deals and not available the next time you look, so if you see a deal you like - make a decision!

Willow Tree Nativity Groupings and Figures

Not looking for a complete Willow Tree Nativity set? Or just looking for a grouping as a special gift or add-on to your collection?

These ebay listings are the perfect place to look. Many BIN, (buy-it-now), listings are available for immediate purchase without bidding or waiting for auctions to end. And in many cases the current bids on auction listings are good indicators of the final price, so you can compare them to the listed BIN prices to see which is the best deal for you.

ps. don't let someone else snatch-up that special deal you found while you "think about it!" If you are ready to buy and you find a bargain - make a decision! You can be sure that in almost every case ebay prices will be the best you can find on the Net because most of the independent web sites that sell Willow Tree Nativity sets also list their products on ebay too!

And don't forget the Willow Tree Nativity animals!

Here are just a few of the available selections, (below), available on ebay now.

Didn't Find the Willow Tree Nativity item you were looking for?

There are over 200 Willow Tree nativity sets, figures, figurines, and other nativity items available on ebay, way too many to list here. Items like Willow Tree table runners, mantle scarves, and more. All designed and/or licensed by Susan Lordi.

See all your choices with this link:

Want to see the Willow Tree Christmas Story items too?

The Willow Tree Christmas Story designs are the perfect compliment to Susan Lordi's Nativity pieces. And just like this nativity items guide, forget the trouble of searching the whole Net, just use this listed guide to find what you want.

willow tree nativity set

willow tree nativity set by Susan Lordi
willow tree nativity set by Susan Lordi
author GA Anderson, aka Appletreedeals
author GA Anderson, aka Appletreedeals

About the Author

Appletreedeals is the eCommerce ID for G.A. Anderson

You can see more of his articles and Buyer's Guides on Hubpages, and more collectible and antique porcelains

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any hub about willow tree nativity sets and figurines must include appropriate keywords and tags. willow tree nativity sets, willow tree figures and figurines are primary keywords to help search engines find the right articles. designer susan lordi has her willow tree figures produced and distributed by demdaco home gifts and they have a special relationship with willow tree nativity figures as well as willow tree christmas story figurines. whether you are looking for one figure or figurines, or even a willow tree manger or creche. you could also include cheap and best prices for willow tree nativity set as keywords.

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    • Appletreedeals profile image

      Appletreedeals 7 years ago from Salisbury, Maryland USA

      #Jack - thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      Jack  7 years ago

      I like the layout, and I think the Willow Tree Sets fit very well with the more modern approaches to Christmas decoration.