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Buy the Best Simpsons Game

Updated on September 26, 2010

Simpsons Games

It's great to buy games for Christmas,and the Simpsons games are such fun,they can be played all year round, long after the Christmas holiday is over.

There are many Simpsons board games to choose from . Simpsons monopoly is a great version of the classic Monopoly board game, and here are three other Simpsons versions of classic board games.

The Simpsons Game of Life

The game of Life itself is a fairly old board game, it now has many themes and The Simpsons is fun and spiced up version.

You start off by choosing a profession or you can go to college,(everyone seems to choose a profession). Once you have a profession you choose a salary card, then you are off round the board picking up you salary and life tiles. The salary card can be traded often, so everyone has the chance to earn the highest salary. as you go around the board you can buy a house, stocks and shares have kids , make money and lose money.

When you all reach Burns Manor you add up the value of your Life Tiles and money and the one who has accumulated the highest value is the winner.

The rules may look complicated, but are really easy once you have played the game. If there is a downside;it can take a while to set up, and the spinner is a little flimsy,

The Simpsons Cluedo

Everyone knows how to play Cluedo(the basic whodunnit game) and the best thing about this fun game is that people of all ages can play it, and enjoy the game.

The Simpsons version of Cluedo has the rooms are actual places in Springfield, and the murder weapons are also just a little different,here in Springfield you have catapults and poisoned donuts.

If you are a Simpsons fan then this game will appeal, as the Simpsons always make the games more interesting.The best way to find out is to play Simpsons Cluedo ,and try to work out who killed Mr Burns. Was it Smithers in the Kwik-E Mart with a poisoned donut?

Winning Moves - Simpsons Board Game

Here you choose a Simpsons character, either Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie or Grampa,The aim of the game collect relevant tokens such as Duff Beer for Homer.the tokens are placed on the carpet and when it is full,the tokens are added up and the winner is the one with the most tokens

It is all very fast and a great fun game to play,you can win token and lose tokens easily and It's all about a little skill, allot about luck!You  start off on the couch then find yourself playing several mini games like the Simpsons questions or Springfield Elementary Field Trip, and Moe's karaoke tavern.It is certainly a board game with a difference and incorporates the Simpsons very well!


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