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Buy The Best Monopoly game- The Simpsons

Updated on February 16, 2012
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latest game

Monopoly Games

There are now many different versions of the Monopoly board game,manufacturer's have introduced us to a variety of Monopoly games that now include our favourite film and TV shows. The Simpsons monopoly game of course is based on the traditional Monopoly game and incorporates all your favourite Simpsons characters.

Simpson's Monopoly

The Simpson's Monopoly game, is based on the winning formula that has served them well since it's introduction.All your favourite characters are involved and you can buy just about everything from the kwik-e-Mart, Moes Bar and the most expensive Burns Manor.Then you build up the properties by putting mono-rails on them.

There are the usual pewter counter tokens including Homer in a Monorail uniform, Bart and Santa's little helper. Sadly there are no Marge or Lisa counters.

The game is made all the more interesting as it adds the Simpsons Mayhem into the proceedings. If you like the Simpsons and are fans of the Simpsons, then this a must have game for you, and it is the Simpsons that make it all the more entertaining and exciting to play.

Simpsons Short Version

Many of us who have played Monopoly know it can be a challenge to get the game finished within the rules. I for one am not sure if I have ever completed a game properly!

In this Simpsons version makers have introduced rules for a time limit short game. Here, each player is given two properties before starting the game, they then must pay the price displayed on the cards they have received. Also, when the first player is declared bankrupt, that is the end of the game. The remaining players then add up the money they have made,whoever has the most money is declared the winner.


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