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The Best Board Games-Monopoly

Updated on June 10, 2012
monopoly board
monopoly board

Monopoly Monopoly

Monopoly is as popular today as it ever has been.Despite the rise of computer and video games (you can play many versions of Monopoly on games consoles as well!),the traditional board game of Monopoly is the most popular and most played board game today.

Monopoly is an ever popular Christmas gift, and the past generations that have enjoyed playing Monopoly are buying the game for the future generations to ensure the Monopoly legend lives on.

Who Invented Monopoly?

The aim of the game in monopoly is to make as much money as you can, and gain as many assets as you can.It seems ironic then that in1934,when at the height of the Great Depression, Charles Darrow of Germantown, Pennsylvania, brought his version of the Monopoly game to the executives at Parker Brothers.He had been selling the game for a year ,the Parker Brothers bought the rights in 1935, the same year they allowed Waddingtons to produce the game in the United Kingdom and Monopoly became the game most of us know today.

However many believe the game to be very similar to the game The Landlords Game invented in1904, by Lizzie J. Magie, a Quaker woman from Virginia.Her game was based on the theory that the land and real estate values would increase in value, and that only the landlords would make a profit rather than the majority of the people; that is the people who had to pay the rent.

Monopoly Debate

Who do you think invented Monopoly

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Monopoly Today

Monopoly grew and grew, and is now considered to be the most successful and famous commercial board game ever.It is also famous for causing many rows between friends and families,as we can't wait to bankrupt and destroy our loved ones!

Hasbro now produce the game in the UK today, and there seems no limit to how far the Monopoly can branch out. Today there is a version of the game for just about everything:

  • Your favourite films or TV show.
  • The Word's Cities.
  • Your favourite football club.
  • Disney Characters.
  • Favourite sports editions

It seems Monopoly have monopoly!


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