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Call Evacuation Team Step - 'Game Over Man' Easter Egg Exo Zombies

Updated on February 8, 2015
You can finally call for an evacuation.
You can finally call for an evacuation. | Source

The last three tasks are simple and use locations previously visited in earlier steps. I combined those final tasks into one last step. You will need to go back to the black box, the Exo Suit, and the Start Location.

Final Steps:

  • Decode The Black Box
  • Call For a Rescue Team
  • Goto The Evacuation Point

Interact with the computer to decode the Black Box.
Interact with the computer to decode the Black Box. | Source

Decode The Black Box

You can finally decode the black box after achieving level 50 clearance. Follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Go back to the computer terminal that was used in Step 1 to connect the Black Box. It is located in the Morgue area below Exo Reload. You should still see the black box sitting on the floor by the desk.
  2. Approach the same monitor used earlier and press your action button. This should activate the sequence and be followed by Angie telling you that you have the clearance.

Call the rescue team by interacting with the Exo Suit Machine.
Call the rescue team by interacting with the Exo Suit Machine. | Source

Call For a rescue Team

Decoding the black box will allow you to finally call for help. You can call by interacting the Exo Suit Station.

  1. Go to the Exo Testing Area.
  2. Approach the Exo Suit and press your action button as if you were going to put on another suit. An indicator will appear telling you that you already have a suit on, but it should also get another response from Angie, telling you to proceed to the evacuation area.

Collect your reward
Collect your reward | Source

Meet at the Evacuation Point

This Easter Egg ends in the same location that the game started. This last step only involves going back to the outside area with the crashed helicopter next to a bus.

  • You should be hearing a rescue song in the background as you make this trip.
  • When you arrive at the evacuation area, look up to see an aircraft starting a descent towards you.
  • Keep watching the aircraft in order to see the ending 'cut scene'.
  • Finally, a pop-up will appear, verifying the completion by earning the Achievement.

Note: The fastest way to travel from the Exo Testing Area to the start location is by using the Trash Chute.


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