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Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Weapon List Guide (Part 3)

Updated on January 13, 2011

Black Ops Zombies Weapon List Guide (part 3)

This is a weapon list guide for Black Op's zombie mode. This will continue to explain what type of weapons you can expect to receive in the game. Some of these weapons can be bought off the walls in the maps, while others need to be received from a "mystery box" randomly. Brief descriptions of the weapons will be below. Descriptions of what the weapon receives when upgraded will also be included.

Weapon 17 M72 LAW

Description: This is a personal rocket launcher. This weapon is really only good for taking out large groups of zombies, and is not good as a primary weapon because you need to reload a lot.

Upgraded: M72 Anarchy Has a larger magazine, and becomes semi-auto. If you wish to use this weapon in either its upgraded form, or normal, you better have speed cola to reload faster.


Weapon 18: FAMAS

Description: A fully-automatic assault rifle. This weapon is pretty effective in making points, and defeating zombies. It will need to be upgraded fairly early though, as the zombies will become much stronger.

Upgraded: G16-GL35 Comes with precision scope sight, larger mag, and will have stronger damage. This becomes a very good weapon when upgraded.


Weapon 19: Commando

Description: A fully-automatic assault rifle. This is similar to the other assault rifles, and is good, but will become less effective if not upgraded early. (maybe round 12 or so)

Upgraded: Predator Increased damage, and dual magazines. A good primary weapon, or secondary.


Weapon 20: G11

Description: A sub machine gun that shoots in 3 round bursts like the M16. Is equipped with a medium range scope. This is good for taking out zombies, and maybe a bit better than other sub machine guns.

Upgraded G115 Generator More damage, larger magazine, and becomes fully-automatic.

Black Ops Zombies Weapon List Guide (part 3) Continued

Weapon 21: Crossbow (explosive tip)

Description: A crossbow that shoots explosive arrows. Needs to be reloaded after each shot. This weapon may be good for taking out clusters of zombies, but is not effective for keeping up fire, so it serves a better purpose as a secondary.

Upgraded Form Awful Lawton Arrows will now attract zombies! This serves as a distraction similar to the monkey bomb cymbals. More effective when you have a team mate shooting with you. Once the arrow hits the ground, zombies will run to it.


Weapon 22: Ballistic Knife

Description: You can shoot knives, but you do not get many. This is not a good weapon choice.

Upgraded: The Krause defibrillator You can revive team mates by shooting them, or knifing them. This can be effective at times, but does not serve good as a stand alone weapon.


Weapon 23: SPAS

Description: A Semi-automatic combat shotgun. A good weapon on early to mid stages of black ops zombie mode. This weapon may be less effective in the teen rounds, and up.(13+)

Upgraded SPAS-24 More damage, increased mag, increased range, and a faster reload. This a good weapon because the upgrade features are essential for surviving.


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