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Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Weapon List Guide (Part 1)

Updated on January 13, 2011

Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Weapon List

There are tons of weapons available on Black Op's Zombie mode. Some of these weapons can be bought off the wall, while others are given from the mystery box. The mystery box holds the best weapons such as ray gun, thundergun, and etc. You can still get weapons normally bought off walls from the mystery box though. The mystery box will give you random weapons, but you have the opportunity to get a strong weapon. What makes the weapons on zombies even better, is the ability to upgrade them. Some weapons that might be considered bad, can actually be quite good when upgraded. You can upgrade on both Kino Der Toten, and Five. On the classic zombie maps, you can only upgrade weapons on Der Riese.

Weapon 1 - Olympia

Description: This weapon is a double barrel shotgun. This weapon is not very effective in the later rounds of zombies. It is fairly powerful, but you need to reload after two shots.

Upgraded Hades - Stronger, range increases, and shoots incendiary rounds. This weapon becomes pretty decent, but the reload time is not very good still. Quick reload would be advised, and its better if you're backing up a friend when shooting zombies.


Weapon 2 - m14

Description: The m14 is good in the first few rounds, but is eventually to weak later on. It is a semi automatic rifle.

Upgraded Mnesia - Stronger, and more ammo capacity. The reload time is still not good so this weapon is not very good in higher rounds. If you do use it, use speed cola!


Weapon 3 - Mp40

Description: The mp40 is a World War 2 sub machine gun. It is very effective for making points when you shoot zombies.

Upgraded Afterburner Stronger, large clip. The mp40 is good upgraded, however, you may run out of ammo quickly in the later rounds. You can buy ammo off the wall for it though, even though it will cost you 5000. (Better to get max ammos)


Weapon 4 - M1911

Description: This is the weapon you spawn with. It is not very powerful, but is "okay" on the first couple of rounds

Upgraded: Mustang and Sally : Ironically, this weapon becomes very good if you manage to upgrade it. Becomes a dual wielding grenade launcher. Still a small magazine, and can kill you. (better have jugger-nog perk!)

Mini gun Power Up


Call Of Duty Black Ops Weapon List Continued

Weapon 5 - MPL

Description: A sub machine gun with a small magazine. This weapon is good for killing zombies in the beginning, but simply runs out of ammo to quickly.

Upgraded: MPL - LF Becomes stronger, comes with precision sight, and larger mag. This weapon is pretty good, but will still run out of ammo faster than some other weapons.


Weapon 6 - Stakeout

Description: The stakeout is a pump action shotgun. The weapon kills zombies pretty well the first 10 rounds.Eventually, the zombies take more than one shot at close range.

Upgraded: Raid Increased damage, larger mag, faster reload, and more range.


Weapon 7: Mp5

Description: A sub machine gun, similar to MPL. This weapon is fairily effective for making points, and eliminating zombies. Its not very good in later rounds though.

Upgraded: MP115 Kollider Larger Mag, and damage.


Weapon 8: PM63

Description: A sub machine gun that has a small clip. This weapon is not very effective for very long. You have to reload a lot, and it runs out of ammo very fast.

Upgraded: Tokyo and Rose Becomes a dual wielding weapon with increased damage. You can fire each one indivdually, but the accuracy/range is horrible. This, in my opinion, is the worst weapon to upgrade.

PART 2 in-depth weapon list coming soon, and a more general list for people who just want to see a full list rather than full descriptions and etc.


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