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Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Weapon List (Part 2)

Updated on January 13, 2011

Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Weapons List

This is the second part for Black Ops Zombies Weapon List Guide. This guide covers the weapons names, upgraded names, and a brief description on them. This is for players who want to find out what type of upgrades weapons will receive when they are "pack a punched".(upgraded). Some weapons simply do more damage and get more ammo. Others, however, may get new sights, become dual wield, or other various upgrade.

There's a large batch of weapons for Black ops Zombie mode. Try experimenting with different combination's. You never know, you may get farther in the game using different weapon combination's. You can only carry two weapons though, so be careful when choosing different weapons to upgrade.

Weapon 9: AK-74u

Description: This is a fully-automatic assault rifle. This weapon is very effective for killing zombies and gathering points in general. This can be bought off a wall in both "Kino Der Toten", and the "five" map.

Upgraded: AK-74fu2 Increased damage, larger clip size, and gets a precision sight. This weapon is good in the later zombie rounds, but may run out of ammo faster than an upgraded machine gun such as the RPK or HK21.


Weapon 10: M16

Description: An assault rifle that shoots in bursts of three bullets. Fairly effective for eliminating zombies in the early stages, but gets less effective past round 12 approximately.

Upgraded:Skullcrusher The m16 becomes fully-automatic, has increased damage, and comes equipped with a grenade launcher when upgraded. This weapon is a good choice for the more difficult rounds. Be careful using the grenades, as they are limited. The only main concern with this weapon is that you may run out of ammo quickly.


Weapon 11: HK21

Description: A heavy machine gun with high rate of fire. This weapon is very powerful, has a huge magazine, and also carries a lot of ammo! It does hinder mobility though.(run slower)

Upgraded: H115 Oscillator Larger magazine,(150) and increased damage. This is one of the best weapons to upgrade because you almost get 1000 bullets total! You can create a lot of points, and take out a lot of zombies. You do run slow though, and individual bullets are not super powerful.(speed cola helps since reload is slow)


Weapon 12: RPK

Description: A heavy machine gun, similar to the HK21. It carries slighly less ammo, but is basically the equivalent of the HK21.

Upgraded: R115 Resonator Larger clip, and increased damage. This weapon has the same traits as the HK21. Very effective for eliminating zombies, and making points. You will be slower when running though. (Speed cola helps since reload is slow)

Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombie Weapon List Continued

Weapon 12: CZ75 Dual Wield

Description: Two semi-automatic handgun pistols. Do not be fooled, these are not a m1911 pistol. These pistols are powerful, and you can shoot with one while reloading with the other!

Upgraded: Calamity and Jane Increased damage, and pistols shoot fully-automatic. This weapon is pretty good upgraded, and is fairly effective in the later zombie rounds. Reload is fast, and even more so with speed cola.


Weapon 13: AUG

Description: A fully automatic assault rifle. This weapon is not to shabby for killing zombies. Will run out of ammo quickly in later rounds. Upgrade is a must.

Upgraded: AUG-50M3 More damage, under barrel shotgun, and precision sight. This is a great weapon to use in the later tougher rounds.


Weapon 14: Python

Description: A powerful revolver with 6 shots. This weapon is great for the first 9-10 rounds or so. Afterwords, it takes more than one shot to defeat a zombie.

Upgraded: Cobra More damage, faster reload, and larger ammo capacity. This weapon is good, but would better serve as a "backup" or secondary weapon rather than your primary weapon to use.


Weapon 15: China Lake

Description: A grenade launcher that needs to be reloaded after every shot. This is only good for a back up weapon, and is terrible for primary weapon because you need to reload constantly.

Upgraded China Beach Larger Magazine with increased damage


Weapon 16: FN FAL

Description: A semi-automatic assault rifle. This weapon is fairly effective for killing zombies, but its rate of fire may make it difficult to kill zombies later. Upgrade is a must eventually.

Upgraded: EPC WN Increased damage, precision sight, 3 round burst,and larger magazine capacity.


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