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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare FASTEST Ways to Rank Up and Prestige

Updated on January 31, 2015


In this guide I will teach you the quickest ways to rank up on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare which will also include the most effective ways as well.

If you have any questions you can feel free to comment at the bottom of the page, OR message me on Twitter @ .
Also if you want to see more, you can check out my other guides I have written, OR go over to and check out some videos where I also show my How to's and Gaming Videos.

General Information About Ranking Up

In Call of Duty Advanced Warfare there are 50 levels before you are allowed to Prestige. To reach level 50 from level 1 you will need roughly 1 million Xp in order to level up. Once you complete level 50 you will then be allowed to prestige which will start you back at level 1 in prestige 1. There are a total of 15 prestiges on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Each time that you prestige you will be allowed to unlock 1 item that you will get to keep and use at level 1.

Tips for Ranking Up the Fastest

FIRST - Choosing the right game mode. Choosing the right game mode is one of the most effective ways of ranking up fast. Playing game modes like team deathmatch are not going to be the most effective ways of ranking up fast. The reason simply falls on that you do not get a significant amount of points per game you play. While the best team deathmatch players can get 30 kills in a game, that is still typically only 3,000 points in that game, and that would be considered a great game of team deathmatch. Although 3,000 points on a game mode like domination is considered mediocre. On an average game of domination a player will typically receive 4000+ points per game, and on a good game may receive upwards of 6500+ points. Therefore choosing a game like domination will rank you up significantly quicker than Team Deathmatch.

SECOND - Play the game mode CORRECTLY. Objective game modes are the best for ranking up, but only if you play them correctly. For instance going into a game of domination and hiding in the spawn is not going to get you a ton of points. Although if you lay on an objective like B, and can get kills on that objective you will get 150 points per kill instead of the standard 50 points per kill for just killing someone in a random location. Not to mention you receive 200 points for each objective that you capture. I personally will typically play Hardcore Domination, and on an average game will typically have 1500 points in the first 2 minutes of the game just by capturing C/A and B, plus getting a few kills on the Objective. Not to mention this then will typically unlock my kill streaks allowing for more points to be added on.

THIRD - Challenges! Know the challenges that you still need to complete. There are TONS of challenges on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, and many offer a few thousand XP for completing them. While completing these challenges, you will notice yourself ranking up faster throughout the game. My fastest prestige I went through was when I started going for royalty weapons. When I got off of my standard HBR Assault Rifle, and started going for royalty assault rifles I then noticed that I flew through that prestige. The same can go for not just the weapon challenges, but the hundreds of other challenges ranging from kill streaks, perks, wild cards, game modes, and many others.

FOURTH - XP Bonuses. There are two types of bonus XP that you can receive while playing. The first is on double XP weekends. On these weekends you should focus on trying to rank up and playing as often as possible. The other option is clan wars. By competing in clan wars, you can get up to a 40% bonus on game modes for capturing an objective. These bonuses usually last for 1 week until the end of that clan wars area. Typically a new operation on clan wars starts up every other week, and offers XP bonuses on different game modes. This was another area I noticed that I prestiged very quickly, was when my team had captured the hardcore domination base, and we were given a 40% XP boost.

FIFTH - Keep Playing. Obviously when you first start out any game can be difficult. Typically Call of Duty is a tough game when starting out because you play against other real players who are also trying to be successful. Although the more you play the game the better you will become. Over time you will learn tips and tricks that will allow you to succeed in game. The first 2 prestiges for me were the most difficult, and I didn't get many points per game, but now that I have learned my own tricks and tips I am able to blow through prestiges, and get significant points per game.


Overall I think Advanced Warfare is a fun game, and I enjoy playing this significantly more than Call of Duty Ghosts. It is not the best Call of Duty that has been made, but is pretty high on the list. I hope you enjoyed the guide, and if you want to get in touch comment below.


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