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How to Reach High Levels on Exo Zombies on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Updated on February 4, 2015


In this guide I will teach you how to reach high levels on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies. I will talk about the guns to use, where to camp and train, the things that you should do, and should not do!

If you have any questions you can contact me at the bottom in the comments section, comment on my youtube channel Here and ask questions or message me directly on

Starting Off

When you are starting off in zombies your initial moves are the most important. Here you are going to attempt to try to make as many points as possible as quickly as possible. On round one you want to shoot each zombie 4 times with your pistol, and then follow that up with a knife. This will give you 10 points per shot and 130 for the knife. Giving you a total of 170 points. After the end of round 1 you are going to do the same in the second round, except this time add a couple extra shots before knifing the zombies. You are going to attempt to make as many credits as possible in the early rounds.

After you have roughly 4,000 coins you will now have enough to get first real weapon. You only need to unlock 2 doors in order to get to the 3d printer and 1,000 to use the printer so some would say you could do this at 3,000 points, but from personal experience I always like to use the 3d printer at least twice while I am there because my first pick is usually a rocket launcher, or a nano grenade. None the less you want to hit the box early on. Getting a decent weapon is the starting point to which you will survive the game on.

The Right Weapons

When you are starting out the best weapons to use are those that will get you the most points throughout the game. The ASM1 is one example of a weapon like this. While the Cel-3 Cauterizer is a good weapon it will give you little points per kill, which goes the same for the AE4, EM1 and the Mahem.. These weapons are good for killing hordes BUT will not be effective for getting points in early rounds. Weapons like the LMG's and the ASM1 will give you a LOT of points when killing hordes, and will help you build up points to upgrade your other weapons for later rounds. That is why I highly suggest using a weapon that is not very effective on killing zombies, but has a decent amount of fire power in order to take out the zombies. Your secondary weapon can be any that you think will be effective at later rounds whether that be a Cel-3 , S12 shotgun, grenades, or whatever you choose. These weapons are a great secondary to get you out of tight situations later on, but in early rounds, or when building points stick to a standard weapon that fires a lot of bullets that will build you points.

On Later Rounds

As you build up points you will be able to unlock doors, get your perks, the exo suit, the correct weapons, and be ready for higher rounds. Now there are two areas that are perfect for camping on later rounds. The first being in the exo room where you can get your exo suit. Here you will run in circles, can use the upstairs and below level in order to run a big circle and get the zombies to follow you and build up your points to make it to a high round. This is the preferred strategy for most players as they seem to find this the easier way to survive until higher rounds.

The other route that you can run, and is my favorite route to run is outside in the spawn are where you start. Here you can run in circles and will be able to survive until higher rounds. If you run in a circle, and use the bus correctly you will have no problem surviving until higher rounds. I have made it to round 30 without a Mark 20 weapon here no problem, and have been able to survive here for high rounds. I prefer the outside also because on infected rounds you are right beside the machine to take away the infection, and continue running this area. Not to mention you have the Exo Health room nearby, 2 upgrade machines very close by, and typically the mystery box fairly close to you as well.


Overall this map is a lot of fun to play on. I have played this map enough to secure a top 100 spot in the world for this map on zombies and continue to play this to keep trying for a better score. If you have any questions don't forget to message me, and I will be able to comment below, although I tend to check my Twitter, and Youtube more often then on here..

I will also be posting guides to show you how to complete the easter egg, other aspects of this map, how to do well in multiplayer, and many other guides for Call of Duty so come back, or check my Twitter for updates on those guides :)

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