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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Tips and Guide to Royalty Camo

Updated on January 31, 2015


In this guide I will provide you with tips to teach you the most effective, and easiest way to get Royalty camos on the different classes on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

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What is Royalty Camo

Each time a Call of Duty game comes out there is always a camo that is difficult to achieve. Even back on Call of Duty 4 there was the gold camo which required one hundred head shots with every weapon in that class in order to get the gold camo. With that being said, as time went on getting one hundred head shots became easier for gamers, therefore in order to get the highest camo you need to complete many more tasks first.

In Call of Duty Advanced Warfare the difficult camo to get is the royalty camo. In order to get the royalty camo a player must achieve 80 head shots regardless of the weapon. Next he must complete a series of tasks depending on the weapon class. For instance with assault rifles the player would need to acquire 200 kills with no attachments on the weapon, 200 kills with no perks on that weapon, 40 strafe kills, 80 long shots, 40 dodge kills, and 10 blood thirsty medals (5 kills without dying). So with all that being said lets gets on to the tips to help you achieve these camos as quickly as possible.

Tips that apply to EVERY Gun Class

Here I will provide tips that can be applied to any gun class.

FIRST - Go for your no perks / no attachments first. Regardless of the gun class that you choose ( Shotguns, Assault Rifles, SMG's, LMG's ) you are going to want to start with the no perks and no attachments. I personally suggest doing these together to get this portion out of the way the quickest, but you can choose to do them separately or together. The reason for doing this first is simply that over the course of your 200 kills you will most likely start knocking some of the other challenges out while completing this. For instance with assault rifles, when I was using the MK-14 and did the no perks no attachments I was able to get 26 head shots, 18 long shots, and 4 blood thirsty medals. If I had saved no perks no attachments for the end this would all have been wasted, but doing this first allowed part of my other challenges to be finished.

SECOND - Play the right game mode. If you are going for the royalty camouflage then you want to choose the right game modes to help you get this done effectively. For instance Search and Destroy is not a game mode that will quickly get your camos done quickly as you only get typically 5-10 kills per game. This goes the same for Team Deathmatch where you may not be getting more than 10-15 kills in a game from your weapon. Although playing games like Domination, Hardpoint and objective based games typically allow you to get significantly more kills in a game, therefore allowing you to get your challenges done quickly.

THIRD - The MAPS. Before each game starts you should know what challenge you are going for on each particular map. For instance if you are playing instinct then you should know to attempt to get some of your long shots out of the way as this will allow you the best chance to get these done. Big maps are the best for long shots, although they can be accomplished on any map. This goes the same for smaller maps like Comeback. On Comeback you may want to go for your Strafe medals or Dog Fight medals as these are significantly easier on close quarters combat maps.

FOURTH - Don't worry about the head shots. Unless you have completed every other challenge on a weapon, then don't stress about the head shots. These will come naturally over time, and will build up while completing the more difficult challenges. If all you have left is head shots, that is when I would suggest going into a Hardcore Game Mode like Kill Confirmed, and focusing on head shots. ( I suggest Hardcore because that only requires one shot to the head to kill an enemy )

FIFTH - Work on one class at a time. I have friends that went through and did the no perks / no attachments on every gun in the game. Once that was accomplished they continue to work on many different classes at once for instance Assault Rifles, and SMG's together. Although the most effective way to get royalty camo is taking your time, and going for one class at a time.


If you enjoyed this guide or if you have questions you can comment below, and I will try to message back. Or you can message me on Twitter @ where I can also answer questions.


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