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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare How to Raise Kill to Death Ratio ( K/D Ratio Raising )

Updated on February 1, 2015


In this guide I will give you tips on how to raise your kill to death ratio ( K/D or KD Ratio ) on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. You will learn tips about game modes to play, perks to use, kill streaks to use, and how to be most effective in game to help boost this statistic.

If you have any questions you can comment at the bottom of the page, or message me on Twitter @ . Also I post videos periodically helping players on different aspects of different games like Call of Duty, if you would like to see that head on over to

What is the Kill to Death Ratio

The kill to death ratio is an aspect that has been in Call of Duty since Multiplayer was introduced years ago. This number is what many players base their skill level on. Some clans have requirements that you must have a certain number in order to join. Overall this number shows how many enemies you kill compared to how many times you die. Having a 1.0 KD ratio means for every kill that you get in game, you also die one. While this number does not actually represent how good a person is at the video game, it has always been a number of discussion on the game.

Tips for Raising Your K/D Ratio

FIRST- Choosing the right weapons. When you are playing to raise your KD ratio you will need to choose the right weapons to succeed. When you are going for Royalty camos you typically will use weapons that are outside your comfort zone, but if you are trying to boost your KD Ratio then you want to stay within this comfort zone. Using weapons like assault rifles, or SMG's give you a decent amount of firepower to attempt and hit your mark allowing you to get kills. Although Snipers and Shotguns will provide more damage on each shot taking less ammo to kill an enemy. Personally my strength is assault rifles, and I tend to stay with those. Each person has their own strength and the biggest tip is to learn what strength will benefit you best, and use that to the best of your ability.

SECOND - Choosing the right game mode. When you are looking to boost your KD Ratio you need to choose game modes that will play off your strengths. If you want to play Team Deathmatch that is fine, but since everyone is simply looking to kill you may have a tougher time boosting this number. On the other hand if you play domination, and you capture an objective and stay nearby chances are you will find enemies rushing to capture that objective. This gives you easy killings on those that are attempting to get to that objective because typically they are more focused on getting to the objective than checking the surrounding area to see if there are nearby enemies before getting on the objective.

THIRD - Choosing the right Kill Streaks. When you are looking to raise your K/D ratio there are some score streaks or kill streaks that are beneficial. If you have the ability to get a Paladin , or War Bird then I highly suggest using these. Playing in game these will usually give you at least 3 Kills if not 5-8 kills. Therefor if you are able to acquire these I highly suggest using them. I also suggest using the UAV. The UAV will allow you to see most of the enemy players on the map hopefully allowing you to get more kills in the game. Lastly I would suggest using a care package as a kill streak. This kill streak has some bonuses that make it worth having on. For instance on come back you can get the walker tanks which will guarantee almost 5+ kills every single time. The care package also has the benefit of getting a good UAV, and many other upgraded kill streaks that are very beneficial to have.

FOURTH - The right play style. When you are playing the game you need to work out your play style to boost your KD Ratio. Some people are effective at running and gunning, and some people are better at taking things slow. You will need to work out your play style in order to be effective when trying to raise your KD ratio. I personally will typically run and gun to objectives and can keep a solid 2 KD per game, but some people need to take things slow moving around the maps in order to let the enemy come to them. I personally do not enjoy camping because it feels like a waste of time in the game, but some people also prefer this method in order to get their KD ratio higher.


Overall Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a fun game, and it is meant to be fun. Don't stress out over this statistic early on as you may get more frustrated and not want to play the game. Remember to have fun, and play game modes that you enjoy. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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