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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Hardcore Capture The Flag Tips and Strategies ( BO2 HC CTF )

Updated on December 12, 2012


In this guide I will talk about tips on how to have the best success when playing Hardcore Capture the Flag on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. This will include guns, scorestreaks, strategies, and other things that you can use to have the best success when playing.

Before I gets started let me say if you like what you see feel free to check out my MANY other Black Ops 2 guides at the bottom in the links, or follow me on Twitter for the latest news on new guides, and a lot of Black ops 2 info.. You can find me @Johnrr631992 or .

Also I can be found on Xbox @ MKS JohnR if you have questions, and also I have started a new clan with my co-leader and we are recruiting.. For info on that feel free to head over to

What is Hardcore Capture The Flag

Hardcore capture the flag refers to the game mode in which your goal is to capture the enemy flag by running to their spawn, then carrying their flag back to your own spawn. After you get 3 captures you win that round, and then you will switch sides, and have to attempt to do the same.. The goal is to win both sides. If it is a tie, then you will go into overtime in which it is a race against the clock for you to capture the flag. Then the round switches and gives the losing team a chance to capture the flag in less time than the winning team. This is done to prevent an unfair advantage to a team on a spawn in the game.

Guns to use on Capture the Flag

On hardcore capture the flag, the best guns to use are small machine guns, or assault rifles. You are usually constantly moving, and these guns will give you the best success when you are playing this game mode. Other weapons just don't compare, unless you really practice playing with other weapons. None the less the other weapons require to much effort to be successful while the SMG's and Assault rifles give you the most success.

Score Streaks to use on CTF

The score streaks that you want to use on CTF should be simple.. Keep them lower to give yourself the best chance at success. The highest I would go is a stealth chopper because unless you are playing the game at an unfair advantage and not helping your team, then you will not get VTOL warships and such. With that being said, you should focus on the lower score streaks like care packages, and you still will have a good chance at getting your higher streaks. Also using a guardian is very useful. There are many locations that you can place this, and you will have great success getting kills with this. I would also suggest using the hunter killer as this will also be something that will give you success when playing Hardcore Capture the Flag. Other than that everything is up to you.. But remember using certain score streaks will help you get your higher kill streaks you are in fact using..

A tip for hunter killers.. If you throw them at people you get 25 points per kill, BUT if you throw them in the air towards an UAV then you will get 75+ points for a kill, so those can typically help you more than killing a player.

The Strategy to be the BEST on CTF

When you are playing capture the flag, there are ways to play, and ways that you will go extremely negative.. If you do things right you can help your team, and go positive each game, and have success. Overall these things will give you the most success, and will help you have the most fun when playing this game mode.

FIRST OFF... Be careful of sprinting. Sprinting will make it tougher for you to instantly shoot, and will force you to be taken out by enemies who are prepared near their flag.

Second.. When getting the enemy flag be ready for campers.. They sit near the flag and will continue to take you out time and time again.

THIRD.. EMP Grenades.. I cannot stress this enough in my guides. They are sooo important for so many aspects, and will help you get so many more points and further in each game.

FOURTH.. Engineer.. This is also critical. This will allow you to see enemy equipment, guardians and sentry guns. This will greatly help you overall when you are trying to play CTF and will help you stay alive, and get more kill streaks.


Remember when you are playing Hardcore Capture the Flag that you should keep moving, don't hide, and help your team. This will overall create a great experience for you and your team. This will allow everyone to have the most fun, and to have the most success while playing the game.


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