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Black Ops 2 Hardpoint Tips and Strategy ( Call of Duty BO2 )

Updated on November 24, 2012


In this guide I will talk about what you need to do to be successful at Hardpoint in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I will talk about guns to use, strategy to follow, and how this game mode can yield you a LOT of points..

If you like what you read, feel free to check out my Twitter where I post all guides 24 hours before they go on Google.. or @Johnrr631992

Also I am available on Xbox @ MKS JohnR... I also have started a clan, you can check out the details to that at .. Now lets get to the Hardpoint..

What is hardpoint

Hardpoint is a game mode on Call of Duty that is very similar to king of the hill. Basically each team must rush to the hardpoint, and try to defend the hardpoint, for every couple of seconds your team owns it you get a point. First team to 200 wins, or whoever has the most points at the time limit wins. If you kill someone you will get 100 points, if you kill someone while on the hardpoint you get 125. If you are the first one on the hardpoint you get a free 200 points.. This game mode usually gives a good amount of points, for the little time the game lasts. With that being said let me get to some tips for playing hardpoint.

Guns to use.

I personally use a light machine gun on this game mode. it is very powerful, has a huge clip, and is great for clearing out teams trying to get you on the hardpoint. With that being said, the mobility does take a little bit away from the true benefits of using a light machine gun on the hardpoint.

Sub machine guns are okay, if you are using them to clear off 1 person on the hardpoint, and then capture it. This can be effective, and help you get the enemy off of the hardpoint, and help you capture, and get free points. This is also a great gun to use if you are going for smaller end score streaks.

Assault rifles..... Personally I am not a huge fan of assault rifles on this game, but to be honest they are great to use if you are doing a camping/running objective. They give you the same firepower as a light machine gun but with much more mobility, and allows you to get from point a to b in a much faster way. Although I still prefer my LSAT over any assault rifle in core.

Shotguns.. Personally I do not like shotguns on Black Ops 2, but with that being said, some are very effective, and will gget you a lot of kills, personally I don't think they are that great, and I would stick to something with bullets.

Snipers... Don't play hardpoint with a sniper rifle.. you are obviously not going to be doing anything but helping just yourself, and this is not an effective way to play hardpoint.


When trying to choose the right scorestreaks on hardpoint, depending on your play style keep it simple. If you are going for the hardpoints don't expect to get gun ships every time.. So with that being said stick to hellstorm missiles, lightning strikes, and things that can be easily acquired. This will help you much more in the long run when you are trying to play, and overall will help all your stats, and help keep the enemy off the hardpoint.


Okay, so first off.. Pay attention to the cycle. Most of the hardpoints follow a certain order, and will keep going to that order every time. So with that being said, when the hardpoint has 10 seconds left this will let you move to the next hardpoint, and get a free 200 points. This will allow you to overall have a higher score, and help your team.

Keep the enemy off. While it is crucial to get those points, you cannot get any points if the enemy is on the hardpoint, so remember while some people need to be on the hardpoint, other players need to make sure that the other team is not making their way to the hardpoint to try to capture it.

EMP grenades.. This is a great way to get lots of free points.. Just keep on throwing these every time you spawn into the enemy spawn or on the hardpoint.. You will get free points for every enemy it hits, any equipment it hits, and you will be truly surprised how many points you can get on 1 game by just throwing lots of EMP grenades.


So overall this game mode is an easy and fun way to get lots of points. Just remember to rush, throw an EMP and watch out for the enemy, and you should do fine. Thanks for reading.


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 4 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Yes that is 100% true.. Although Lately I prestiged and was using the grenade not the sticky because I kept forgetting to switch them, and what do ya know.. Started killing myself time and time again..

    • profile image

      Wraith 4 years ago

      Well, at least they haven't bounced back and exploded in your face! XD

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      I prefer the semtex over any other grenade just because as I have said before my grenades will otherwise tend to find their way off the map, or go places that was not intended.. At the same time I have more than once stuck grenades to roofs which can be rather annoying.

    • profile image

      Wraith 5 years ago

      My grenades (both lethal and tactical) tend to rely on what my primary weapon is. A shotgun usually goes with a semtex and flashes. Same for SMG (occasionally has concussions though). Assault rifle usually gets frags and concussions. Snipers get either a bouncing betty or claymore, and shock charges (sometimes flashes or concussions). LMGs are a little weird. I usually take a frag or C4 and flash grenades with an LMG.

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      hmm yes very interesting.. Sadly for me i tend to use semtex (Otherwise my grenades tend to roll off the map :/ ) But I do agree that there are very crucial things to pay attention to on each map for grenades.

    • profile image

      Wraith 5 years ago

      Well, I know this might sound rather obvious, but learn the grenade throws. Sure, there are some obvious ones, but others aren't, like the hot tub frag on Hijacked (the vent goes both ways :D).