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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies: Mob of the Dead Complete Guide Part 1- Perks

Updated on June 10, 2013


I bold the most important parts of the guide, and will do for the rest as I go on about specifics but the gist can be found in bold.

Perk Locations

Just an added point, all perks require 3 zaps to activate so don’t only give it one zap then have to afterlife again!

In this map there are 5 perks: Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap, Deadshot Daqurai and Electric Cherry).

Juggernog (2500 points) is located at the Docks, and the docks can be accessed by using either the Gondola (750 points + minimum 3000 points for doors) or by opening all of the doors in the Citadel Tunnels (minimum 6500 points for doors).

Speed Cola (3000 points) can be found within the Warden’s Office. To open the office, you need to go into afterlife at the area next to the office and then you will see a portal on the fence-type section above the actual door to the office. The easiest way to get into this portal is to take a sprint jump. It may take a few attempts. When you go through the portal, go to the right and then down the stairs and zap the meter (requires one zap). You then need to go revive yourself. If you have enough time left then you can also activate Speed Cola by going through the door that you just opened and go all the way through to the actual office with the desk and zap the meter to activate the perk.

Double Tap (2000 points) can be found in the Citadel Tunnels. If you enter the tunnels through the Warden’s Office side, then it is right at the bottom of the steps you go down. If you are coming up from the docks then, when you reach the top of the spiral staircase and go to the right to reach Double Tap. If you go to the left then you will reach the laundry room and the Hell’s Retriever pick up point.

Deadshot Daqurai (1500 points) is accessed when you are heading to the Roof. To reach Deadshot, you need to go through the infirmary either by coming through the cafeteria or by coming from the middle section, above the dog by going through the 2000 point door if you leave the start area via the library. Once you reach the infirmary then just walk through until you fine the perk.

Electric Cherry (2000 points) can be found right in the middle of the map. When you pass through the 2000 point door to get to the gondola when you exit via the library, it is just on the right of the path, you don’t follow any other corridors.

Perk Effects

Juggernog is the same as it always has been, allowing you to take more hits before going down. It is still seen as the most valuable perk available.

Speed Cola allows you to reload and repair barricades faster, making it a very handy perks for guns such as the Death Machine which have very long reload times.

Double Tap makes the bullets shoot faster in automatic weapons and reduces the limit on shooting speed on single fire guns. What I mean by this is if you have a single shot gun such as the FAL, there is a limit on how fast that you shoot, no matter how fast your trigger finger. The limitation is decreased with this perk.

Deadshot Daqurai is featuring again, having been forgotten since Moon on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. It lets your aim assist, if you have it active, instantly zoom for heads and allows headshots to do more damage. It is often considered the unnecessary perk on this map.

Electric Cherry is the only new perk, meaning that when you reload an electric shock is emitted from your gun, stunning and sometimes killing enemies around you This works great with guns that have low clips sizes such as the Blundergat, the new wonder weapon. Additionally, when you go down you shock lots of zombies around you, often killing them.

Common and Interesting Perk Combinations

The main combination of perks used when people have their 4 perks (the maximum on this map) is Juggernog, for survival, Speed Cola, for general handiness, Double Tap for increased damage and Electric Cherry, for saving your ass.

Personally, I think that an interesting and effective combo, if you are experienced and are roughly below round 25, is to replace Juggernog with Deadshot for extra damage. You need to have a shield to be able to do this effectively.

The best combination just now, I feel, is Speed Cola, Juggernog and Electric Cherry, especially the Electric Cherry- Speed Cola combo. If you get surrounded, just insta reload to stun and then shoot in small bursts, reloading frequently, to survive quite easily.


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