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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Updated on April 19, 2013

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops has proven it is not just any other sequel. It has surpassed sales among Call of Duty titles before it. What makes this title so unique among the others? It’s the Zombie Mode. After making their debut at World at War as an unlockable game, the fans demanded more, hence a bigger and epic game mode in Black Ops.

This is the first Survival-Type mode in Call of Duty (both in Black Ops and World At War) that included the undead. Although the zombies are of various nationalities, it is officially called Nazi Zombies. The game is a basic kill and survive where you have to destroy all the waves of zombies. You can buy weapons, perks, and also repair your defenses against the zombies. However, as the level progresses, the Zombies increase in strength, making the player strategize about spending points and over-all survival.

In the story, the zombies were reanimated by Element 115 or in real life is a man made element called Uup. Here are some of the zombies that the players will go up against:

            The Crawler Zombies-

Crawler zombies or Creepy Crawlers are terrifying creatures that can run faster than normal zombies because they travel on all fours. Edward Richtofe explains that the crawlers were failed experiments of the original zombies. They are distinct because their bodies emit green gas and they appear to have an over-sized mouth of an angler fish. Once they are killed, the green gas spreads that endangers any player nearby because they are unable to see clearly. The gas will also make minimal damage when the player stays in the gas for a longer period of time.

Weapons like knives, Ray Guns, and explosives cannot make the crawlers release the noxious gas. It is also true when they are killed why they are creeping down the walls of any area. The zombies automatically explode when they are killed.

            The Pentagon Thief-

The thief may be the most annoying zombie in Zombie mode. It is distinctive due to its scientist get-up and the red aura of different numbers that cover it. This zombie can teleport into different rounds in the game and will attempt stealing the players’ weapons.  

It teleports and vanishes once it is able to steal a weapon. It is not easy to kill the Pentagon Thief without the use of a Wonder Weapon. So a tactical approach is necessary. If playing with other players, wait until the Thief approaches anyone. The other free players should be able to kill him when he is vulnerable. Once it is killed, it drops a Max Ammo Power-Up and returns the stolen weapons. The weapon stolen can be found in the science laboratories.

            The Hellhounds-

This new addition to the Zombie horde are your basic mythological dog-like creatures covered in flames. They are speculated to be the mutation of Samantha’s per , Fluffy. They are intensely mad and dangerous and they randomly appear in every map. The ground will shake whenever they spawn or explode.

The most recommended gun for this Zombie is a Trench Gun because it dies with one shot, given the range is not too distant. A good camping spot is also necessary when facing this monster. Find a spot where all of them just come from one direction. But there are also some glitches that you will encounter during any point of the game. Like when a Hellhound gets shot and when it is supposedly dead, it just freezes on the spot. But glitches or not, this is still one terrifying new zombie to watch out for in Black Ops!


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