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Cat Physics Game App For iPhone - Tips, Solutions, Cheats, Level Walkthroughs 22 & 48

Updated on October 17, 2011


Looking for Cat Physics game app tips, hints, solutions, cheats and level walkthroughs? Well you have come to the right place. Here we will review the iPhone and iPad app cat physics, we will also look at a few tips and hints for cat physics and see if there are any help cheats for the game. Finally we will look at a few all important level walkthroughs and solutions, help to complete those tricky levels such as 22 and 48. Cat physics is currently a free download on the app store and is one of the most popular downloads at the moment.

Cat physics is a simple puzzle game that is easy to play and has fun graphics and game play. Although some of the levels are very difficult there are level walkthroughs out there that you can find that will help you out. So if you are looking for a good fun free app to download then cat physics may well be for you.

Cat Physics Game


When you open up the app you are first of all taken to the main menu. This is a game produced by donut games and you can click on more games to view more games from donut games. You can also view the options page, here you view some stats of the games you have played. You can also read the help files which tell you all about how to play the game. On this page you can also read the credits for the game.

Another good feature of this page is that you can view the global high scores. This is good as it means you can compare your score with other players so you have an idea of what score is a good one. You can also read information about more donut games. Another option is that you can turn the sound on or off and also reset all the challenges.

Game Play


When you click on play you enter the level selection screen. There are 80 different levels to complete on cat physics. Each level has it’s own name and specific challenge. The levels are basically a series of puzzles that you must complete. The basic idea is that you roll a ball from one cat to another cat. Simple! However, as the levels progress there are obstacles in the way and all sorts of difficulties to over come.

The controls are very simple. You click on the cat with the ball and he will roll his ball. To get the ball to make it to the other cat you must move the icons around the room. There are arrows and various other objects you must put in the correct order to get your ball to move in the correct way. You score points for the distance your ball travels, the less distance it travels the more points you are awarded. On each level you can earn stars, to earn three stars on a level you basically need to complete the level in the shortest possible distance. Some of the levels are very tricky and some people simply can not do them without checking walkthroughs or looking for cheats.

Tips, Hints & Cheats


If you want some tips and hints for cat physics then there are a few we can look at. The most obvious tip is to practice. Some levels simply require trial and error. You can try a level as many times as you like so just experiment and sooner or later you should crack it. Also make sure that you always take note of the trail of the ball, this is a simple tip but very helpful. If you know where the ball travels on a certain level you can place the arrows and other objects in the trail with ease.

Some people do look for cheats for cat physics. However at the moment there are no cheats available for cat physics. The game has been around for a while now so it would be no surprise if someone did come up with some cheats for cat physics. Check online to see if you can find any.

Level 22 Walkthrough

Level 22 Walkthrough

There are many levels that are very difficult. Most can be completed without help but occasionally there is one that seems to cause extra problems. Level 22 is one such level. There is a trick to complete the level, the solution is not that hard when you know it. Simply view the video to the right and this should show you how to complete level 22 of cat physics.

Level 48 Walkthrough

Level 48 Walkthrough


Another level that catches people out is level 48. Again there is a video that should help you to complete this level without any major problems. There are lots of other levels on cat physics that you may need help on, the solutions are out there if you look around for them online. There are lots of helpful level walkthroughs that should get you through.

The cat physics game app for the iPhone and iPad really is a great fun little app. As it’s free to download you really have nothing to lose getting hold of this one. Chances are this will put a smile on your face and have you addicted in no time. So if you want to kill some time then download and play cat physics.


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